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  • Under The Spotlight: 30 Years Since Ted Bundy’s Execution
    (True Detective March 2019)

    It’s now 30 years since US serial killer Theodore “Ted” Bundy’s story ended in the electric chair in Florida, yet interest in his notorious crimes remains undimmed. We take a look at the people that knew him, the killings that put 42-year-old Bundy on Death Row and the celebrations that met his death... Bundy raped and killed at least 15 college students: the FBI’s estimate was that the number of his victims was as high as 36. They were of a kind – dark-haired with a parting in the middle of the head – indicating that he had a fetish for this particular type. Often he strangled them during the sexual act, stuffing vaginas with… more »

  • Maniac Wanted To Be Freddy Krueger For A Day
    (Murder Most Foul No. 111)

    Unemployed, bored and frustrated, Daniel Gonzalez, 24, sought excitement through excessive drinking and taking drugs including Ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamine. After attending a rave party in Hackney, east London, the weekend before the killings, the court was told, Gonzalez took a variety of drugs and ran naked through the street on his return home. On the day of the killings, after taking a train to Worthing, Gonzalez bought a knife and ambushed Mrs. Marie Harding, inflicting deep and fatal wounds in her back and neck as she walked home from her daughter’s home near Brighton. He didn’t like school teachers and she looked like one, he later told the police. In London the next day… more »

  • 20 Victims For The Monster Of Montmartre
    (True Crime February 2019)

    Thierry Paulin returned to Paris in late 1985. Now working alone, he killed at least eight more women. His life spiralled out of control as his dream of breaking into cabaret lay in tatters and his addiction to cocaine accelerated. On December 20th, 1985, 98-year-old Estelle Donjoux was found strangled in her home. The signs were unmistakeable. The Monster of Montmartre was back at work again after a short respite. For the elderly women of Paris, the nightmare had returned. The next victim was Andrée Ladam, 77, also strangled, on January 4th in the new year. Five days later Yvonne Couronne, 83, was strangled. Only 400 metres separated the homes of these three new victims.… more »

  • Killing That Sparked A Carnival
    (Master Detective February 2019)

    Mrs. Joy Okine was looking out of the upstairs window of her house on the edge of the Notting Hill district when a six-foot-tall black man came round the corner into Southam Street below her. Mrs. Okine, 21, recognised him, even from a distance, under the light of the street lamps. He was Kelso Cochrane. A quiet, happy young fellow, with a tremendous work ethic. His left thumb, broken in his carpentry work, was in plaster. In a street where everyone knew everyone, Joy Okine knew Kelso had just been to hospital to have his injury dressed and get some painkillers. Suddenly a gang of white youths lounging against a derelict shop window surged across… more »


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