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Latest Articles

  • He Packed His Dead Family In A Trunk
    (Master Detective October 2020)

    Arthur Devereux knew a lot about chemistry – dispensing medicines was his job. He knew less, however, about the chemistry of love, and when he applied his pharmaceutical knowledge to his marriage, the result was disastrous… His wife Beatrice soon began to discover for herself the hardship of wedlock on a shoe-string, as Arthur’s confidence about his future faded, and he found himself at his wits’ end struggling to provide enough money to keep a roof over the heads of his family of five – as he later told the Old Bailey... “One morning, just before I left, she told me that she could endure poverty no longer. ‘I will kill the twins and myself,’… more »

  • Just How Many Men Did Emma Murder?
    (Murder Most Foul No. 117)

    “Just a minute – Emma LeDoux.” “Yes – I’m Emma LeDoux. Shall we walk?” She smiled, but this was wasted on Deputy Sheriff Jack Whelihan, who marched her straight to the office of City Marshal E. P. Shine. And Shine, moved by the incongruity of her presence in his musty chambers, ushered her outside again and offered to walk with her until it was time to leave. District Attorney C. W. Norton and Deputy Carlton Case of Stockton were already on their way. An hour or two would see the end of all this courtliness. Meanwhile the bearded old marshal and the woman with blood on her hands strolled down by the water of San… more »

  • Sex, Lies, Money – And Murder
    (True Detective October 2020)

    The 911 call came from Chacey Poynter. She claimed her husband had been shot, so she was understandably distraught. Chacey waved down the police cruiser as it arrived on County Road 2595 in Hunt County, North Texas, about 40 miles north of Dallas, on September 9th, 2016. “My husband – he’s been shot in the head!” she cried. Covered in mud, barefoot and wild-eyed, she was clearly in a terrible way. She led Sergeant Shane Meek to the scene. As standard procedure dictated, his body cam was recording everything he saw and heard. Robert Poynter, a decorated fire captain and head of the University Park fire department, where he had worked for 19 years, had… more »

  • The Cruel Casanova Who Liked To Inflict Pain – And Then Death
    (True Crime September 2020)

    The dead woman’s face was frozen in fear. There was a bruise on her cheek, and her head was all that was visible until detectives pulled back the bedclothes to reveal her nude, mutilated body.  The manageress of the Pembridge Court Hotel, in London’s Notting Hill Gate, had called the police shortly after 2 p.m. on Friday, June 21st, 1946. Minutes earlier she had knocked on the door of Room 4. The chambermaid wanted to clean, but the registered occupants, Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Heath, hadn’t come down yet.  It was Colonel Heath’s third visit to the hotel, and the manageress was loath to disturb the couple. Nevertheless, she had knocked on their door and… more »


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