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Latest Articles

  • Brothers In Blood – Horror Crime That Shocked Jersey
    (True Crime December 2021)

    Brothers Roderick, 22, and Mark Newall, 21, handsome young fellows with blond hair, blue eyes and striking looks, had flown in from London especially for the occasion. Here, at the Sea Crest Hotel restaurant in Jersey, the boys and their parents, Nicholas and Elizabeth, enjoyed a seemingly happy family reunion. It was the night of October 10th, 1987. Mark paid the bill for dinner and the family returned to their luxury bungalow at Clos de l’Atlantique in the smart seaside village of St. Brelade. There, in the early hours of October 11th, Roderick bludgeoned Nicholas and Elizabeth Newall to death. The brothers wrapped the bodies in polythene sheeting and transported them, probably in a van… more »

  • Horror In The House Of Gucci
    (Master Detective December 2021)

    At 50 Patrizia Reggiani was still beautiful, but she had a problem. The Italian authorities believed she was responsible for the murder of her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci, 46, the fashion empire heir gunned down by a hit-man as he arrived at his Milan office on Monday, March 27th, 1995. Three years after the shooting the alleged hit-man and his getaway driver were awaiting trial, together with a hotel night porter and Giuseppina “Pina” Auriemma, 52, a Naples clairvoyant who had been Patrizia’s confidante and formerly had a Gucci shop franchise. For more than a year Pina had refused to testify against Patrizia Reggiani, but in March 1998 she changed her mind. She decided to talk… more »

  • Bodies In The Back Garden
    (True Detective December 2021)

    Records indicated that William Wycherley was approaching his 100th birthday, and in reviewing his benefits the Department of Work and Pensions needed proof that he was still around. So in September 2012 a letter seeking an interview was sent to him care of his son-in-law and daughter, Christopher and Susan Edwards. When it reached them, however, they had a problem. William Wycherley was not about to become a centenarian. He’d spent the last 15 years buried in his Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, back garden, where the Edwards had hidden him and his wife after shooting them. Throughout those 15 years they had been drawing the Wycherleys’ pensions. They’d also sold the couple’s semi-detached house, and on receiving… more »

  • “He’s Another Ted Bundy. He Could Charm A Victim To Her Death...”
    (Murder Most Foul No. 121)

    “He will present a grave danger of taking another human life. This man is bright, well read, and capable of fooling all but the very best psychiatrists and social workers. He’s another Ted Bundy. He could charm a victim to her death. I consider Edwin Snelgrove to be the most dangerous defendant I have ever dealt with. I believe that whenever he is released, even at the end of his maximum 20-year sentence, he will be capable of the most appalling acts on women...” When Mary Renard regained consciousness on that hot August night in 1987 the stranger who had choked her into oblivion in the living-room of her New Jersey apartment was now straddling… more »

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