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  • Liverpool’s Mystery Of The Hanging Boy
    (Master Detective April 2019)

    Four men stood in the dock, all accused of the same murder. But their alleged victim was not some burly thug who took six men to overpower and kill him. He was a defenceless, 11-year-old boy! Charles Greeney had joined the Sea Scouts shortly after his 11th birthday, and was popular at his school. He lived with his parents at 62 Edge Lane, in the Kensington district of Liverpool, and despite his tender years he had a 14-year-old nephew, who lived nearby. Charles’s father, Mr. Charles Greeney, was a plasterer, and on Saturday nights he and his wife Mary, a money-lender, usually went out, leaving their son alone in the house, which they locked securely… more »

  • Why Did He Do It? His Wife In A Shallow Grave…His Children’s Bodies In An Oil Tank
    (True Detective April 2019)

    Chris Watts appeared calm and collected when he spoke to the crowd of reporters who had settled themselves all over his front garden. The TV cameras whirled as 33-year-old Watts, handsome and bearded, made a plea to the public to help him find his pregnant wife and their two young daughters. All three had gone missing without a trace. Friends and family were all desperately trying to find them… Chris Watts, the wonderful, devoted husband. The police had been looking into the recent past of the couple who had everything, and they found things that didn’t quite fit the display for friends and family on social media. For a start Chris Watts wasn’t deliriously happily… more »

  • Four Dead In Forest Gate Axe-Rampage
    (True Crime March 2019)

    The Cornish family lived in Stukeley Road in the West Ham area of Forest Gate. It was a solid, lower-middle-class neighbourhood, a short distance from Upton Park, at that time the home of West Ham United football club. “Come into the house and have a cup of tea,” Alice Cornish said. “You are a rum one, if ever there was. All that time you spent in prison and never said a word to any of us about it.” Inside the house she continued a disapproving monologue about Henry Perry's past life. “It won’t do, that sort of thing, now the war’s over. You must mend your ways, get a proper job, look after your wife.”… more »

  • Maniac Wanted To Be Freddy Krueger For A Day
    (Murder Most Foul No. 111)

    Unemployed, bored and frustrated, Daniel Gonzalez, 24, sought excitement through excessive drinking and taking drugs including Ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamine. After attending a rave party in Hackney, east London, the weekend before the killings, the court was told, Gonzalez took a variety of drugs and ran naked through the street on his return home. On the day of the killings, after taking a train to Worthing, Gonzalez bought a knife and ambushed Mrs. Marie Harding, inflicting deep and fatal wounds in her back and neck as she walked home from her daughter’s home near Brighton. He didn’t like school teachers and she looked like one, he later told the police. In London the next day… more »


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