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  • Mass Murder In The Name Of Ecology
    (True Detective December 2019)

    On the cold, drizzly Monday evening of October 19th, 1970, Sheriff Lieutenant William Shaw and Sergeant John Noren had seen a glow in the leaden sky. The glow came from a hillside above the tiny coastal community of Soquel, and the two patrolling officers figured there was a fire on the ridge above Rodeo Gulch, a foothill valley served by a narrow road just north of Soquel. Speeding towards the blaze, Shaw and Noren had covered little more than a mile on Rodeo Gulch Road when they saw the fire was a burning house, served by a driveway leading up a hillside. The lieutenant and the sergeant veered into the driveway, but within 100 yards… more »

  • Serial Killer Used His Garden As A Crematorium
    (Murder Most Foul No. 114)

    Thirteen-year-old Erich Baumeister’s garden was like paradise for the other kids in the neighbourhood. There were 18 acres of grass and rough woodland, open space and dense bushes, and since none of it was very well cared for, there was no fear of offending Mr. and Mrs. Baumeister. You couldn’t offend the Baumeisters by tramping about in their garden anyway. Their huge mansion on the million-dollar-plus estate at Westfield, Indianapolis, was a tip. All the rubbish in the state seemed to be piled up there. Erich’s pal and neighbour Kevin Dennison dived behind a clump of bushes into a clearing. “Look what I’ve found!” he shouted, emerging from the other side of the bushes. What… more »

  • When Julie Went Shopping For A Gun...Her Family Were Doomed
    (True Crime November 2019)

    Defence attorney Jennifer Spradley began by focusing on Julie Schenecker’s shaky mental health. “This is a tale of two mothers,” she told the jury. “She was sick. She battled depression. She couldn’t reach out to her husband Parker for help because he was out of the country for so much of the time. This awful, hidden disease transformed Julie’s life in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. “My client, this poor woman, never really had a chance of living a happy and fulfilled life. She was molested at just six years old, and she will testify to that. “She was again sexually assaulted at age 17. She left the military after ten years of serving her… more »

  • “I Like To Torture Men While Their Women Watch”
    (Master Detective November 2019)

    On June 3rd, 1983, 55-year-old John Sawyer and his wife Mary were at the dinner table in their log cabin on Blackjack Mountain, near Atlanta, when there was a knock at the door.  Going to answer it, Mary found herself confronted by Nicholas Lee Ingram, then 19. Brandishing a long-barrelled pistol, he forced his way in, ordering the couple: “Get back in the house or I’ll blow your heads off.”  After taking $60 from the husband he marched the Sawyers to some woods nearby. There he tied them to a tree and stuffed a piece of shirt into their mouths to keep them quiet.  Any doubt they might have had about his intentions was swiftly… more »


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