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  • Killing That Sparked A Carnival
    (Master Detective February 2019)

    Mrs. Joy Okine was looking out of the upstairs window of her house on the edge of the Notting Hill district when a six-foot-tall black man came round the corner into Southam Street below her. Mrs. Okine, 21, recognised him, even from a distance, under the light of the street lamps. He was Kelso Cochrane. A quiet, happy young fellow, with a tremendous work ethic. His left thumb, broken in his carpentry work, was in plaster. In a street where everyone knew everyone, Joy Okine knew Kelso had just been to hospital to have his injury dressed and get some painkillers. Suddenly a gang of white youths lounging against a derelict shop window surged across… more »

  • Betty Wanted To Be A Gun Moll
    (Murder Most Foul No.110)

    The boy-meets-girl story that would end in horror began when a Swedish-born American GI deserted and met an unemployed striptease dancer in wartime London. He was Karl Gustav Hulten, 22, who boasted, untruthfully, of having once been a bodyguard to Al Capone. She was Betty Jones, 18, going under her stage-name of Georgina Grayson. She knew Hulten only as “Ricky,” and was doubtless impressed by the stolen pistol he waved around. They met on October 3rd, 1944, in a London café, chance encounter changing their lives irrevocably. Betty Jones had been living in a dingy single room at 311 King Street, Hammersmith. She was bored, she told Ricky, and she wanted to do something exciting.… more »

  • Ambushed By The Wolfman
    (True Detective February 2019)

    The heavy rain that had fallen that night seriously hindered the search for the missing couple. It had obliterated tyre tracks and footprints, and turned the terrain into a muddy swamp. Not quite all the terrain though. With his boots squelching ooze and mud, PC Bob Chaseling discovered a set of footprints that had been protected from the ravages of the weather by an overhanging tree. He pushed his way through the thick bracken and reached a clearing. His keen eyes noticed at once that the earth had been recently disturbed. Peering closer, he saw three human fingers sticking up out of the soil. A dark patch nearby indicated that a body had lain there… more »

  • Why they dug up Kandy’s killer…
    (True Crime January 2019)

    Mrs. Freeman, 37, and known as “Ginger” to everyone, was killed on December 1st, 1981, after a man called the realtor where she worked and said he was interested in buying a home on Greens Prairie Road, then a rural part of College Station. Her body was found behind the still-locked home later that evening. She had been struck in the head by a blunt object, stabbed repeatedly in the neck and shoulders and had suffered a broken neck as a result of strangulation. Her husband Charles Freeman, worried when his wife hadn’t come home from work, called her office and learned she had not returned after an appointment almost four hours earlier. It was… more »


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