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  • Ice-Cream Lady Cut Up And Buried Her Men In Cement
    (Master Detective September 2017)

    She longed for a baby. A baby boy, to be exact. And there was no reason why this shouldn’t happen. Estibaliz Carranza was 32, in good health and married. Husband Holger Holz, 44, a manufacturer of spectacles, was doing all he could to make her pregnant. But he wasn’t succeeding. Perhaps that was why she also had a lover. Manfred Hinterberger was also doing his best. But he too was unsuccessful. Estibaliz was exasperated. She had come to Austria from Mexico, and she was a successful businesswoman. She ran her own ice-cream parlour in the centre of Vienna. Her ices were top-quality, business was good, but crucially, what was missing was that baby boy. What… more »

  • Bearded Woman Battered Sister To Death
    (True Detective September 2017)

    Nicki, 26, made her way slowly to the front door and looked through the security peephole she had recently had fitted. It was a workman in a hi-visibility jacket, a delivery perhaps – or were they turning the water off? Relieved, she slipped the door catch, opened the door and recognised too late the face behind the heavy disguise. Beneath the padded hi-vis jacket, the long dark wig, the heavy-framed glasses and the false goatee beard, Nicki immediately recognised the snarl of pure hate. It was the face of her elder sister, a sister who hated her. Frantically she threw herself against the door, trying to slam it in the face of the blind, uncontrolled… more »

  • Bloodbath On A Kent Holiday Beach
    (Murder Most Foul No. 105)

    Facing the prospect of a court-martial, Napoleon Green, a young US airman stationed in Britain, virtually friendless in a foreign country, 3,000 miles from his hometown of Chicago, 22, arrived in Broadstairs Harbour. The town, dominated by Charles Dickens’ Bleak House, has a deep bay, a sandy beach and lots of villas built between the two world wars. At 10.45 the fugitive airman parked his Ford Popular near the Tartar Frigate in Harbour Street – ominously a dead end. The 70-year-old car park attendant Fred Beecham watched in speechless amazement before running across the road and yelling, “You can’t park there!” Green, running down to the beach, turned and shouted back, “If they want me,… more »

  • Massacre In A Market Town
    (True Crime August 2017)

    By now the police were being inundated with phone calls. Three patrol cars converged on South View, but Ryan still managed to shoot and wound PC Roger Brereton who was taking up his position in the cul-de-sac. As the officer radioed for help a second bullet struck him in the neck and he slumped, dying, on to the passenger seat. An ambulance came hurtling on to the scene. Ryan shattered its windscreen with a bullet. The driver, Linda Bright, accelerated away. A police officer was radioing headquarters when he saw Ryan step out and shoot dead George White and Margery Jackson’s husband, who had arrived in a Toyota car. The car, out of control, crashed… more »

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