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  • Revealed: The Lies That Launched A Lynching...
    (True Detective November 2017)

    Three days after his abduction and murder, Emmett Till’s body, swollen and disfigured to the point where it was totally unrecognisable, was fished out of the Tallahatchie River. The body was weighted down by a 75lb fan, fastened around its neck with barbed wire. It was naked except for a silver ring with initials and a date carved into it, by which the body was identified. Emmett’s head was badly mutilated. He had been shot above the right ear, an eye was dislodged from its socket, and he had been beaten on the back and the hips. Once the shocking discovery reached the newspapers, the story went viral. The local sheriff’s plan to bury the… more »

  • Murder on the High Seas
    (True Crime October 2017)

    According to Silas Duane Boston's two sons, who were also on board, he hog-tied the two victims and using nylon cord attached them to parts of an old car engine. “Okay, we’re right along the shore line and the water’s really shallow so I’m going to push you guys off,” Boston told them. “It’s so shallow that you’ll be able to stand up in the water. Right, here we go.” In fact, according to the testimony, Boston had already steered the boat into deep water, where there was no chance his victims could stand up. He pushed Christopher off first, dragging the engine weight behind him. There was a splash as Christopher hit the water.… more »

  • Party In The House...Dad’s Body In A Wheelie-Bin
    (Master Detective October 2017)

    The Hallowe’en party in Michael Holding’s house was in full swing. Music was blaring, the drinks were flowing, and everyone was having a whale of a time under the direction of their genial host Ben Holding, Michael’s son. Every now and then a guest asked Ben: “How’s your father getting on?” They had heard that Michael was on an extended holiday, recovering from the death of his beloved wife from breast cancer a year previously. Dad was fine, Ben replied. He was enjoying himself so much away from home that he wasn’t sure when he would come back. In fact, dad was far from fine. He was wrapped in a sheet and stuck head first… more »

  • Bloodbath On A Kent Holiday Beach
    (Murder Most Foul No. 105)

    Facing the prospect of a court-martial, Napoleon Green, a young US airman stationed in Britain, virtually friendless in a foreign country, 3,000 miles from his hometown of Chicago, 22, arrived in Broadstairs Harbour. The town, dominated by Charles Dickens’ Bleak House, has a deep bay, a sandy beach and lots of villas built between the two world wars. At 10.45 the fugitive airman parked his Ford Popular near the Tartar Frigate in Harbour Street – ominously a dead end. The 70-year-old car park attendant Fred Beecham watched in speechless amazement before running across the road and yelling, “You can’t park there!” Green, running down to the beach, turned and shouted back, “If they want me,… more »

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  • Hangman’s Outrageous Claim

    Hangman William Marwood caused a sensation in Dumbarton when after hanging a prisoner outside the local prison on Tuesday, OCTOBER… more »

  • Killer Who Never Was

    For a night-watchman 53-year-old widower Abraham Cullen was an unusual sort of chap. He was short, with a weak chest,… more »

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