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Latest Articles

  • Why Marjorie Had Her Husband Murdered
    (True Crime March 2021)

    But for one thing the cause of Leslie Hutchinson’s violent death might have been attributed to a motorcycle accident. His motorbike lay in the road near his body and he had head injuries, as you would expect. But he also had a belt wrapped tightly twice round his neck, and it was buckled. He was a 40-year-old welder, and the discovery of his body in a lovers’ lane near Hessle, Hull, was reported by his partner in a boarding-kennels business, Roy Bigby, a 35-year-old cook. It was shortly after 1 a.m. on Friday, October 19th, 1962, and Bigby told the police he had been returning from Hull Fair to his caravan at the kennels off… more »

  • Larissa The Acid Bath Killer
    (Master Detective March 2021)

    Larissa Schuster probably wasn’t the first woman ever to have complained about their soon-to-be ex-husband to a hairdresser. But, unlike most in that situation, when she said that she would actually kill Tim if she could get away with it she really meant it... So what really did happen to Tim Schuster that terrible morning in July? Although accomplice James Fagone’s testimony was never heard at Larissa’s trial, he claimed that Larissa wanted to rob Tim’s home again, but this time with Tim watching so that it would be the “ultimate humiliation.” She also thought that because of his alarm system they would only be able to get in if Tim was there to let… more »

  • Golden State Killer Revealed At Last
    (True Detective March 2021)

    In June 2020, a frail old man of 74, with hollowed cheeks and myopic eyes, was wheeled into the hastily converted ballroom of Sacramento State University. Rising from the wheelchair, he stood before a makeshift socially-distanced court in a visor. In an orange prison jumpsuit, the defendant admitted his guilt to 13 murders with additional special circumstances, 13 kidnappings, dozens of rapes for which he couldn’t be charged under a statute of limitations, and more besides. “The scope of Joseph James DeAngelo’s crimes is simply staggering,” said prosecutor Thien Ho. “Each time he escaped, slipping away silently into the night.” On his arrest in 2018, the culmination of a decades-long investigation, DeAngelo amplified, “I did… more »

  • What Drove Tammy Jo’s Cannibal Killer?
    (Murder Most Foul No. 119)

    It was September 11th, 2014, the 13th anniversary of 9/11, when police knocked on the door of Tammy Jo Blanton’s apartment. That anniversary, recalling the tragic occasion in 2001 when terrorists destroyed New York’s twin towers, is commemorated across the States, and Tammy, a true patriot, always lit a memorial candle every year in memory of those who died. Tammy didn’t answer the police knock on her door that day. Instead it was opened after a long delay by her boyfriend, Joseph Oberhansley, 36. He seemed distracted, his darting eyes looking beyond the officers, as if he hardly saw them. The cops recognised Oberhansley at once. He had form – he had already done time… more »

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