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  • How DNA Test Sparked Double-Murder
    (True Crime September 2019)

    Maybe – just maybe – there was a moment when Michael Barbar had a flicker of self-doubt. Most likely it was when his six-year-old daughter Tamara suddenly woke, panicking in the darkened bedroom, as he wound a TV cord around her neck. How did he find the resolve to keep tightening the noose as she fought for her life? Easily, as it turned out. In his rage, he had already decided the little girl deserved no mercy. He throttled her to muffle her cries and smashed her head against a bedpost more than 20 times, crushing her skull. The coldness of this child-killer isn’t altogether surprising when you learn what he’d done immediately before. Moments… more »

  • Why American Dad Killed His Five Children
    (Master Detective September 2019)

    On August 28th, 2014, something appeared to snap inside Timothy Jones, to all outward appearances still the perfect dad. That evening he strangled his three sons and two daughters and stuffed their little bodies into garbage bags, which he loaded into the boot of his black Cadillac Escalade car. Then he drove off into the night, with no plan, no idea what he would do next. Amber Jones had no idea where her husband was, or what he was doing. She did not put out an alert because Timothy Jones was the children’s legal guardian. But later, after he had failed to drop them off for a pre-arranged visit, she reported the children missing. This… more »

  • “Let Him Have It!”
    (True Detective September 2019)

    Soon after reaching the roof they realised that they had been spotted. Someone shone a torch below and they heard voices. “It’s a copper,” said Craig. “Hide behind here.” They took refuge behind the stack of the lift-shaft. In quick succession a police van and a police car pulled in to the kerb outside the warehouse. Leading the five uniformed officers was Detective Constable Frederick Fairfax, in plain clothes. He later told how, after climbing a drainpipe to the roof, he sensed the burglars’ presence behind the lift-house. Making his way carefully between the raised roof-lights, he shouted: “I’m a police officer! Come out from behind that stack!” “If you want us, f_ _ _… more »

  • Sex Crimes Of The Ken And Barbie Killers
    (Murder Most Foul No. 113)

    The first time Paul Bernardo saw Karla Homolka was in the lobby of the Howard Johnson hotel in Scarborough – a classic first meeting between a sadist and a masochist. She was staying overnight in the hotel, attending a convention about pets, and within a few hours of their meeting she had taken him to her room for sex. She showed him off to her parents and they accepted him only grudgingly at first because she was still at school. They had no idea of course what he was beginning to put her through sexually. For five years she shared his double life, allowing herself to be beaten, acceding to his demands to procure women… more »


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