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  • The Santa Claus Murders
    (True Detective July 2019)

    At 4 a.m. a farmer and his wife were awakened at their home some 45 miles away when their dog wouldn’t stop barking. Looking out of their bedroom window, they saw three little girls walking along the road in their nightgowns. The couple called the police, meanwhile taking the children into their house. Shivering and in shock, the youngsters were aged eight to 10. They said they had been abducted from their home in Santa Claus earlier that morning. The oldest girl had been sexually assaulted and sodomised. They gave the police their address, and two deputies were dispatched to the ranch-style house, arriving shortly before dawn. There was no response to their knocks on… more »

  • Paroled – To Kill And Cut Up Two More women
    (Murder Most Foul No. 112)

    Fishing should have been better than it was on that early spring afternoon of April 19th, 1975, in Salem, Oregon. The fisherman decided to try one more spot in the slough near the Brown’s Island Sanitary Landfill south-east of the state capital. He moved to a stony bank beneath a wooden bridge and prepared to drop his line again, when his eye caught what appeared to be parts of a tailor’s dummy floating among the reeds in the shallows at the west side of the bridge. Some clothing was there, too, and a white towel. When the man looked more closely at the dummy’s legs, however, he drew back in horror. He could see skeletal… more »

  • Mom In A Suitcase
    (True Crime June 2019)

    They knew they had to get the body out of the room, and themselves out of Bali, before Sheila was discovered. Tommy went back to his room, fetching a silver, hard-sided suitcase. The two hugged and kissed before trying to hoist Sheila’s limp body into the open case, but she was far too heavy and didn’t fit. Yet they had to somehow smuggle Sheila’s lifeless form out of the hotel room… Police photos would later show that they’d tried stuffing her in every which way. As blood seeped from her ears, nose and mouth, matting her dyed blonde hair, they first wrapped her in a hotel bedsheet before, using every ounce of strength, they literally… more »

  • Murderous Butler Left A Trail Of Bodies
    (Master Detective June 2019)

    Admissions of murder do not come more startling than that made by one-time butler to the aristocracy Roy Archibald Hall. In his memoirs he wrote, describing the death of his first victim: “I shot him in the head and for a moment he just stood there, staring. I thought, ‘I’ve missed the bastard.’ "But then, slowly, a trickle of blood appeared at the left corner of his mouth. It trickled delicately down his chin. And then he fell. Walking over to him, I shot him in the chest. "‘See! See what you’ve made me do. You stupid, stupid, greedy bastard.’ "I shot him again. His eyes were still open. ‘It’s all right for you, your… more »


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