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  • Will They Ever Find Australia's Missing Children?
    (Master Detective August 2018)

    The children were not on the 2 o’clock bus, which Nancy met. But she was more surprised than concerned. It wasn’t like Jane to be late, and Nancy thought the children must have decided to walk back to Somerton from the beach, as they had done on previous occasions. There was still no sign of them when Jim Beaumont returned home from Snowtown, however, and Nancy was now more than anxious. Jim went to look for them, the police were informed, and it was thought the children might have been swept out to sea or become trapped in a cove by the tide. When a search failed to find them and the police were told… more »

  • Killer Husband Couldn’t Keep His Good Wife Down
    (True Detective August 2018)

    In the summer of 2002 the Gulf coast of Florida was enjoying its usual sunshine, and the morning of July 18th was a good time to savour the cooling off-shore breezes. So three men set out in a boat to do a little light fishing in Estero Bay, near the town of Fort Myers, unaware that they were about to make a gruesome catch. It was Bill Hooper, a retired dentist, who saw something floating near them. “We’d just set off from dock when I saw something near the jetty by a row of beach houses,” he said later. “I thought it might be some driftwood or something that had fallen off a passing cruiser.… more »

  • "Kill My Dad Then We'll Have Sex," Said Morgan
    (True Crime July 2018)

    The plan to kill Morgan's father, Dennis Lane, had begun shortly after they started hanging out together in February, 2013. Morgan, 14, told Bulmer, 19, whose learning disorder caused him to function at the level of an 11-year-old, how sick she was of her dad. She said she felt he was controlling her life and she didn’t like it. Her mood slowly shifted from cold to deadly. And together they planned the killing with cool, detached efficiency. In a series of messages, Morgan told Bulmer she would leave a door unlocked but to be very quiet because her dad was living with his fiancée, Denise Geiger, who might also be in the property. In one… more »

  • She Changed Her Face To Save Her Skin
    (Murder Most Foul No. 108)

    Rob Ashley couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his new neighbour emerging from her flat. Curious, he stared at her in disbelief, wondering what on earth could have happened to her. Looking sideways sheepishly, she introduced herself. Her name, she said, was Liza Pendragon. She had moved into the apartment with two dogs and a parrot. Rob Ashley decided she was charming and good-natured, softly spoken and shy. But her face looked like she’d had 15 rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson. Swollen, discoloured, covered with ugly bruises, she was not a pretty picture. “I’ve been in a car crash,” she told Rob apologetically. “And I’m fleeing from a violent boyfriend.” Ashley, who… more »

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