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  • The Last Man Hanged In Wales
    (Master Detective June 2018)

    “Hello, boyo! You left something behind?” asked Fforestfach postmaster William Williams as he peered out into the drizzly Friday evening of November 15th, 1957. Shock froze Vivian Teed for a few seconds. He hadn’t expected to find the old man there. The lights were off. So what was he still doing at work well after seven? Panic gripped him. He couldn’t think straight. What should he say? Should he just leave? What about all those plans of his. Something snapped in his brain. He pulled a hammer from his pocket and pushed past the postmaster, bringing the weapon down with furious force on Williams’s skull. The first blow stunned him, and he staggered against the… more »

  • Who Killed Freddie Mills?
    (True Detective June 2018)

    There is only one thing on which people can agree about the death of Freddie Mills, one-time light heavyweight champion of the world and TV celebrity. On the night of July 25th, 1965, he was found shot in the eye in his car parked in Goslett Yard at the back of his club, Freddie Mills Nitespot, in the Charing Cross Road, in London, which he ran in partnership with the former manager Andy Ho. Apart from that fact questions arise: was it suicide or murder? Why would Freddie, one of the most popular figures of his day in sport, want to kill himself? Why would anyone want to kill him? Mills’s family and the boxing… more »

  • She Changed Her Face To Save Her Skin
    (Murder Most Foul No. 108)

    Rob Ashley couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his new neighbour emerging from her flat. Curious, he stared at her in disbelief, wondering what on earth could have happened to her. Looking sideways sheepishly, she introduced herself. Her name, she said, was Liza Pendragon. She had moved into the apartment with two dogs and a parrot. Rob Ashley decided she was charming and good-natured, softly spoken and shy. But her face looked like she’d had 15 rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson. Swollen, discoloured, covered with ugly bruises, she was not a pretty picture. “I’ve been in a car crash,” she told Rob apologetically. “And I’m fleeing from a violent boyfriend.” Ashley, who… more »

  • Versace Gunned Down By A One-Man Killing Machine
    (True Crime May 2018)

    Like many very wealthy men, the internationally renowned fashion designer Gianni Versace took pleasure in simple everyday things. He enjoyed his regular morning stroll to buy an Italian newspaper and have breakfast at the News Café just down the road from his $3 million Miami home. And as far as that went, July 15th, 1997, was like any other day. He was up at 8 a.m. and half an hour later he set out as usual from his Spanish-style mansion, “Casa Casuarina” on Ocean Drive, dressed casually in a shirt, shorts and flip-flop sandals. After a breakfast of coffee and fruit juice at the café he remarked to the proprietor, “It’s a beautiful day." It… more »

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