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Latest Articles

  • Jeffrey Dahmer’s Last Victim
    (Murder Most Foul No. 122)

    Something died in Tracy Edwards when he stared into the eyes of Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer who sexually assaulted and cannibalised at least 17 young men in America during the 1980s. “It was like meeting the devil,” he said. “All the darkness you could ever imagine was concentrated in those eyes. I felt as if I was falling into hell itself...” “I felt dizzy and disorientated, and Dahmer turned on a video of The Exorcist, mumbling that it was the best movie ever made. Then he opened a drawer in a small filing cabinet next to the bed and pulled out a human skull. He kept rubbing the top of it while he stared… more »

  • 37 Died In The Massacre That Time Forgot
    (True Detective February 2022)

    John Thompson had big plans for himself, most of them conceived when he was drunk. Thompson, 42, was about to have his day, to take his place in the annals of crime. That would happen on Friday August 15th, 1980, when he became responsible for the biggest mass-murder ever committed in Britain... It was 3 a.m. by the time Thompson arrived back in his cab in Tin Pan Alley. The Spanish Rooms were packed, noisy and full of cigarette smoke; it was estimated that about 150 people were jammed into the minuscule space. Outside in the narrow street Thompson could hear Hernan Vargas the DJ going full steam at his job. But the disgruntled Scot… more »

  • Small-Town Slaying: Who Strangled Mayor Melvin – And Why?
    (True Crime January 2022)

    February 4th, 2010, was Melvin Roberts’s 79th birthday, and his partner, Julia Phillips, had promised him a day he’d never forget. She certainly made sure it was a day that she’d never forget – Melvin wasn’t given the chance. Before the day was through, he’d be shot, bludgeoned over the head and strangled, his body dumped on the driveway of his home in York, South Carolina. Whoever was responsible had trussed Melvin up so tightly that his neck size had shrunk by three inches. They’d also tied up Julia, wrapped duct tape around her mouth and bound her ankles and wrists with zip-ties. According to Julia, a man with Hispanic features and a Latino accent… more »

  • Dr. Kathryn In “Wrong Victim” Mutilation Murder...
    (Master Detective January 2022)

    It was just after 8 o’clock when a dishevelled 39-year-old man in a black cap and trainers came in lugging two suitcases. He said he’d come to see the psychiatrist Dr. Kent Shinbach. But Shinbach, 70, was busy with other patients, so the man sat and waited. Then after fidgeting for a while he got up and strolled into Dr. Kathryn Faughey’s office. He was David Tarloff and he had a long history of mental trouble. Kathryn Faughey sat with Tarloff, trying to sympathise and empathise with his plight. She didn’t scream until he started to butcher her, frenziedly hacking and stabbing at her head, face and chest, his cleaver and nine-inch knife leaving 15… more »

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