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  • Kyle Knew He Had To Escape His Torturers – Or Die
    (Master Detective February 2017)

    As details emerged, the usual stories abounded in the neighbourhood as locals spoke of a strange family in a house full of kids, who hardly spoke to anyone else and never invited other kids into their home, despite Ms. Lau’s children all going to the local junior school. One neighbour recalled seeing Kyle Ramirez mowing the lawn a few times, but then didn’t see him for months and assumed he’d “gone back home.” The youngster told stunned social workers that he’d escaped after being “hit with a baseball bat, beaten with a flashlight, cut with a knife and chained to a table.” Just before he escaped he heard two of his captors discussing how they… more »

  • Torture Horror Of The Beauty Queens
    (Murder Most Foul No. 106)

    On April 10th, 1984, Dawnette Wilt, 16, was reported missing after she disappeared from a shopping mall in Merrivale, Indiana. Two days later and more than 1,000 miles away, a man driving along a country road near Barrington, New York State, saw a young girl staggering along the lane’s shoulder. Stopping, he saw that she was covered with blood. She was incoherent and, thinking she must have been struck by a car, the man rushed her to hospital where doctors found she had been stabbed several times in the back and chest. Her survival, they said, was a miracle. Somehow the long bladed knife had missed her vital organs, and if she had been picked… more »

  • Killer Ran Amok
    (True Detective February 2018)

    A baby, only six months old, lay peacefully sleeping. In the next room its parents, the mother only 17 and the father 22, lay clasped in each other’s arms. They were both dead, each shot through the forehead. A mile or two away a man was sprawled at the side of the road. He, too, was dead, shot in the back of the neck. In an adjoining suburb of Perth, Western Australia, a police sergeant was being placed in an ambulance with a bullet buried in his stomach. And three police officers in commandeered taxis were fighting a running gun battle with a reckless fugitive… The killer, 22 years old, had already had a police… more »

  • The Hunt For The Johannesburg Hammer-Killer
    (True Crime January 2018)

    “I see the person. I know immediately if the person I’ve caught is the right one,” said South Africa’s top detective for four decades, the Columbo-like Piet “Piet Byl” Byleveld. The suspect sat before Byleveld in the Brixton Murder & Robbery Squad’s interview room in Johannesburg. He was a gentle soft-spoken married handyman called Cedric Maupa Maake, 32. Byleveld had been called in to calm him down. He sat beside him in the cell. “I’ve been so kind to you,” he said. “I fetched your wife, and I’ll bring her again if you want me to – and your mother.” Byleveld knew that Maake was very respectful of his mother, Malekgogo. It appeared to do… more »

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