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Latest Articles

  • What Kind Of Father Could Do This?
    (True Crime December 2022)

    Armenian-born Aramazd Andressian was lying semi-conscious 30ft from his petrol-soaked BMW when LAPD officers found him in South Pasadena...  After the trip to Disneyland on April 15th, 2017, Andressian said, he drove to the lake and smothered his five-year-old son Piqui on the back seat of the BMW with a sweatshirt he’d left in the car. Piqui was asleep when his father rammed the shirt over his face. Andressian thought he was dead, then the little boy twitched and vomited and “I had to kill him again.” He said he sat in his car overnight with his Piqui’s corpse for around eight hours. After Andressian's confession – two months later – the boy's skeletal remains… more »

  • 40 Years To Catch Worcester’s Wife-Killing Pig Farmer
    (Master Detective December 2022)

    After Brenda Venables vanished in 1982, her husband claimed to be mystified. In fact, he knew the grim truth – and how the answer to her sudden disappearance lay close to home... Justice Tipples told David Venables: “You killed your wife to avoid the complications of divorce proceedings so there were elements of greed and selfishness in your crime. “Disposing of a body in a septic tank is not an impulsive killing. It takes planning. What you did with her body is disgusting and repulsive. She was recuperating at home with an injured leg and depression. “You were her husband. You should have protected her, and she should have been able to trust you...” more »

  • Monster Of Murder Takes His Secrets To The Grave
    (True Detective December 2022)

    The death of Peter Tobin, one of Britain’s most notorious killers, made headlines – and it’s easy to see why. Depraved and cold-blooded, the twisted Scottish serial sex-killer had a criminal record that speaks for itself. Convicted of three horrific murders – those of Vicky Hamilton, Angelika Kluk and Dinah McNicol – but suspected of many more, he was never likely to taste freedom again once the authorities had brought him to justice. His unmourned passing, while chained to a hospital bed, leaves many questions unanswered. Tobin claimed to have murdered many more victims than the three unfortunate souls we know about. Perhaps as a last opportunity to inflict more suffering and exercise one final… more »

  • Yvette And The Bodies In The Acid Bath
    (Murder Most Foul No. 126)

    Yvette addressed her court-martial hearing: “I know the big question in everyone’s mind is why I did it. But I have no answers, and no answer will ever be an excuse for what I did. I understood I was shooting them and that’s why I’m guilty.” Laying the tarpaulin over the floor by the bed, Yvette rolled Randi Miller’s body onto the tarpaulin and dragged the body into the bathroom where it took all her strength to heave it, bit by bit, into the bath. Eventually, Randi's body fell almost on top of her husband Tim’s bloody corpse, so they appeared locked in some macabre and hideous embrace. It was their faces Yvette couldn’t stand.… more »

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