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  • Rapist Preferred His Victims Dead
    (Murder Most Foul No. 113)

    It began in 1971, when Carroll Edward Cole picked up 39-year-old Esther Buck in a San Diego bar, strangled her in his car and dumped her body beside a rural road. Describing a murder in Oklahoma City, he told how he had woken up to find the naked, strangled body of his woman companion of the night before in bed at his side. He really fancied this victim, and after having sex with her corpse he ate some of her flesh before dismembering her. That done, he stuffed her body parts in bin-liners and dumped them in a convenient rubbish skip. Then there was Catherine Jo Blum, 26, who he met in a bar in… more »

  • Mary Bell And The Child Murders That Shocked The World
    (True Crime October 2019)

    Mary was a startlingly pretty little girl with dark hair and intensely blue eyes. She came across as confident, precocious, cheeky, highly intelligent, and almost naively violent. While she was tightly grabbing a stray cat by the neck, a guard told her not to hurt it. “Oh, she doesn’t feel that,” said Mary. “Anyway, I like hurting little things that can’t fight back.” When asked what she would like to be when she grew up, she replied: “I’ll be a nurse, because then I can stick needles into people. I like hurting people.” Mary was remanded to Seaham where she was examined by four psychiatrists. They found her intelligent and willing to talk about general… more »

  • The Man Who Kept Losing His Wives
    (True Detective October 2019)

    Felix Vail killed his first wife when he was only 22. It took 50 years for justice to catch up with him, a half-century during which two other women close to him mysteriously disappeared. If he killed them, that qualifies him for the dubious distinction of being America’s oldest serial killer. Life had looked promising for Vail after he left high school. He worked for an open-heart surgery pioneer, studied for a medical degree, and was highly rated. But it didn’t last. He traded his medical work for life as a hippie, hitchhiking and exploring. And, some believe, having multiple affairs and killing his partners when he tired of them. In the 1960s, when he… more »

  • Why American Dad Killed His Five Children
    (Master Detective September 2019)

    On August 28th, 2014, something appeared to snap inside Timothy Jones, to all outward appearances still the perfect dad. That evening he strangled his three sons and two daughters and stuffed their little bodies into garbage bags, which he loaded into the boot of his black Cadillac Escalade car. Then he drove off into the night, with no plan, no idea what he would do next. Amber Jones had no idea where her husband was, or what he was doing. She did not put out an alert because Timothy Jones was the children’s legal guardian. But later, after he had failed to drop them off for a pre-arranged visit, she reported the children missing. This… more »


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