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  • Meet Simone – The She-Devil Of Slaughterhouse Lane
    (Murder Most Foul No. 112)

    It began for the police as a routine “missing person” report. The two daughters and the two sisters of Bernard Hettier went to the local gendarmerie in Nancy, eastern France, to report his disappearance. A bored gendarme took down the details. Hettier had last been seen alive leaving a post office in the suburbs of Nancy, a few minutes before noon on June 22nd, 1986. Then he had vanished. The case was low-priority but Hettier’s distraught relatives continued to pester the police, and an investigation was set in motion. It was destined to become the most expensive and long-lasting missing-person inquiry in the history of French criminal investigation. Bernard Hettier’s background was quickly established. He… more »

  • British Serial Killer Hanged In Singapore
    (True Crime May 2019)

    They called him the “Tourist From Hell.” Armed with a murder kit that included a hammer, butcher’s knives and a stun-gun. With this horrific arsenal on-the-run John Scripps dispatched his unsuspecting tourist victims with cold-blooded brutality. Scripps was a loser almost from the start. He was born in Hertford in 1959, and his parents moved to London when he was very young. His lorry-driver father subsequently committed suicide, something that must have made a great impact on the boy, who was nine at the time. At 14 Scripps disappeared in France from a cadet training camp to wander the country, stealing for his daily needs. A year later he appeared in juvenile court for burglary… more »

  • Smiling Serial Killer Planted Gardens With Victims’ Body Parts
    (Master Detective May 2019)

    What’s it like to discover that your friend is a serial killer? How do you cope with the realisation that, behind all those jokes and confidences you’ve shared, there lurks a creature for whom life’s normal considerations are meaningless? An alien being who lives from one killing to the next – and will do anything to cover their tracks? The friends of Bruce McArthur might be able to help you there. Because their very worlds have been rocked by revelations that have put their nice-guy friend in an entirely different light... “He was just a regular guy,” says John Foot, who worked with Bruce McArthur in the 1970s. John lived in England for a time… more »

  • How Many Victims For The “World's End” Monster?
    (True Detective May 2019)

    The death behind bars of the notorious Scottish serial killer Angus Sinclair closes another sorry chapter in British criminal history. And, as is so often the case with the demise of infamous, remorseless killers, his passing leaves numerous questions unanswered. Were there more victims we do not know about? It’s surely possible. Did he really murder all those he was suspected of killing? More than likely. But anyone who hoped for a comprehensive deathbed confession from the convicted rapist and killer, wishing to clear everything up once and for all, would have been left bitterly disappointed. Wheelchair-bound Sinclair went to his grave every bit as unrepentant as he was when he arrived at the prison… more »


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