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  • Party In The House...Dad’s Body In A Wheelie-Bin
    (Master Detective October 2017)

    The Hallowe’en party in Michael Holding’s house was in full swing. Music was blaring, the drinks were flowing, and everyone was having a whale of a time under the direction of their genial host Ben Holding, Michael’s son. Every now and then a guest asked Ben: “How’s your father getting on?” They had heard that Michael was on an extended holiday, recovering from the death of his beloved wife from breast cancer a year previously. Dad was fine, Ben replied. He was enjoying himself so much away from home that he wasn’t sure when he would come back. In fact, dad was far from fine. He was wrapped in a sheet and stuck head first… more »

  • Hollywood Couple Slain And Cut Up By Handyman
    (True Detective October 2017)

    On March 12th, 2015, Cristie, JT and the unborn Skylar disappeared. Members of the family continued to receive messages from their phones. It was only on March 15th that they became suspicious and police were contacted. A neighbour of the Codds reported to police that they had seen Owens dumping several rubbish sacks by his property late at night. A search of the sacks by officers produced Cristie’s identity card and a wider search of the double-trailer was made. Once inside, an officer opened the door of a wood-burning stove in the kitchen, and found some human remains inside. Owens told officers that the Codds had been helping him with his truck – it had… more »

  • Estate Agent Chained Girls Up To Kill
    (True Crime September 2017)

    Serial killer and estate agent Todd Christopher Kohlhepp's 13-year reign of terror in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, came to an end on November 3rd, 2016, when police searched his property near Woodruff. They were looking for missing Kala Victoria Brown, 30, and her partner, Charles David Carver, 32. The last ping from her mobile phone came from Kohlhepp’s sprawling farmland. Stepping onto the land next to a renovated barn, surrounded by dense forests of pine and hickory, officers were about to give their task up as a dead loss when they heard screams from inside a 30-foot shipping container. Forcing it open, the officers found Kala inside a shark cage chained by the neck like… more »

  • Bloodbath On A Kent Holiday Beach
    (Murder Most Foul No. 105)

    Facing the prospect of a court-martial, Napoleon Green, a young US airman stationed in Britain, virtually friendless in a foreign country, 3,000 miles from his hometown of Chicago, 22, arrived in Broadstairs Harbour. The town, dominated by Charles Dickens’ Bleak House, has a deep bay, a sandy beach and lots of villas built between the two world wars. At 10.45 the fugitive airman parked his Ford Popular near the Tartar Frigate in Harbour Street – ominously a dead end. The 70-year-old car park attendant Fred Beecham watched in speechless amazement before running across the road and yelling, “You can’t park there!” Green, running down to the beach, turned and shouted back, “If they want me,… more »

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