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  • Household Wiped Out In Night Of Horror
    (Master Detective August 2017)

    At some point during the night, probably between 4 and 5 o’clock in the morning, Holmes got up from his wife’s side and dressed himself. He went into the bathroom and with Florence slumbering only a few feet away he loaded six bullets into his Webley pistol. Holmes was physically capable of handling the weapon, but he was now a deranged man. He went back into the bedroom and shot Florence twice, in the right forehead and in the right shoulder blade. One bullet entered her brain, the other her heart. She was unaware of his stealthy approach and died instantly. Her husband straightened the bedclothes a bit, replaced a pillow, and closed the bedroom… more »

  • The Cambridge Rapist – How He Terrorised The City
    (True Detective August 2017)

    Cambridge was on high alert. A reign of terror gripped the city. The cause was a maniac rapist paralysing female students with fear, and no way, it seemed, could the police catch him At the end of a manhunt that was to last a year, it was finally revealed why he had remained free for so long. The rapist was a woman! Or at least, he dressed like a woman. And as he rode a bicycle past desperate detectives to the scene of his next attack, who would have thought of stopping someone who appeared to be a woman riding a woman’s bicycle in a city where almost all the women students rode bicycles? This… more »

  • Horror Crimes Of The Black Forest Ripper
    (Murder Most Foul No.104)

    Heinrich Pommerencke sat in the dark seclusion of the cinema in Karlsruhe in February 1959. He ran his hand though his blond, gelatined hair, captivated by what he saw. Pommerencke was watching the Cecil B. DeMille movie The Ten Commandments. His wolfish, handsome Prussian features were disfigured by a snarl of disdain. Baring his teeth, he watched the scene unfolding on the screen before him in stunning VistaVision. Pommerencke came to the slow realisation in that dark womb-like cavern that women were evil and it was to be his job to punish them. Someone had to do it. “I saw the women dancing around the golden calf and I thought they were a sinful lot.… more »

  • “I Killed 87” Claimed The Angel Of Death
    (True Crime July 2017)

    “I am the Angel of Death,” hospital orderly Donald Harvey boasted. The soubriquet had already been coined for him by hospital staff, who had noticed how often he was around when a patient died. Curiously, though, no one did anything about it. During the 10 months he worked at his first job at the Marymount Hospital, Kentucky, he killed at least a dozen patients. “I did it out of empathy for the suffering of those who were terminally ill,” he explained. But he also admitted that many of the killings he committed were due to anger at the victim. Incredibly, he kept his crimes from coming to light for more than 18 years. The true… more »

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  • Went Back To Finish The Job

    Back from the Crimean War, where he fought with valour, Charles Finch suspected that his girlfriend, Harriet Freeborn, had been… more »

  • A Perfect Murder

    A strong smell of gas prompted patrolling bobby Police Constable Watts to investigate a cheesemonger’s shop in Bayswater, London, on… more »

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