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Latest Articles

  • Sarah’s Last Text: “You’re Not A Serial Killer, Right?”
    (True Detective August 2020)

    Sarah Butler wasn’t a sex worker. The 20-year-old was from a good family that she loved, and being paid for sex simply wasn’t something that she would normally consider. However, Sarah was also a typical college student, struggling to pay her way, and desperately in need of money to continue her studies at New Jersey University. So when she was contacted by Khalil Wheeler-Weaver, who was offering her $500 to have sex with him, she refused at first. They continued to exchange texts and emails over a few weeks, but his profile, his friendly chat and his studious looks meant that, despite her reservations, she was attracted to him. And when he kept trying to… more »

  • Deadly Finale To Ingrid’s Last Tinder Date
    (True Crime July 2020)

    Mike Novasio opened the back door of his Seattle home and sauntered down the drive to retrieve his recycling bin. It had been emptied the day before, so he couldn’t understand why it felt so heavy. Peering inside, he saw three white rubbish bags, all neatly tied and packaged. Irritated that someone must have dumped their recycling in his bin, he went to grab one of the bags, but found he could hardly lift it. When he finally heaved it onto the lawn, he thought he was hallucinating. Squashed against the plastic were the flesh and features of a human face and head. Feeling the breakfast he’d just eaten lurch in his guts, he dragged… more »

  • Twice As Evil As Anyone Thought
    (Master Detective July 2020)

    By 2008, Karl Karlsen’s 23-year-old son Levi had separated from his wife and was father to two little daughters. One morning in November, Karlsen asked him to come over and repair some cables on his pick-up. Levi arrived to find the truck in the garage. It was raised up on a single jack, resting on its back wheels like a wheelbarrow, and with its front tyres removed. “Hey,” said Levi. “You look smart. Going somewhere nice?” “Don’t let the suit fool you,” quipped Karlsen. “I’m still evil old me underneath. Cindy and me are off to a funeral. Then the mourners are invited to lunch at the country club.” Slapping Levi on the back, he… more »

  • Killer Couple Played With Their Victims’ Heads
    (Murder Most Foul No. 116)

    During the summer of 1980, Sunset Boulevard – the street stretching from Los Angeles to the Pacific Coast Highway, normally associated with the glamour of Hollywood – was the playground of Douglas Daniel Clark. It was here that he selected his playthings, where he found what he lusted after the most. His preference was oral sex  – and along Sunset Boulevard it was easy to come by.  The 34-year-old young-faced boilermaker butchered and abused creatures of the Boulevard – callow young runaways, black and white, all willing to spend a few minutes with him in the front seat of his car for the $30 or $40 they’d set as the price for their favours.  Clark’s… more »


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