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  • Three-Time Killer Paroled...To Murder Again
    (Master Detective July 2018)

    That hot Independence Day, 1960, most of Long Island’s residents had gone to the beach. One who didn’t was Angela Wright, who had decided to spend the day gardening. She was tending the rose bushes behind her house when she became aware of a noxious odour coming from the open window of a cottage in nearby Hoyt Avenue South. This was the home of Frederick Sess, 78, a retired foundry worker, and John Rescigno, 62, a disabled army pensioner. They lived together in the small shingled cottage of two tiny bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. Angela recalled that someone had said locally that they hadn’t seen Fred or John since the previous Thursday. Curious, she edged… more »

  • Nilsen – The Full Horrific Story
    (True Detective July 2018)

    Nilsen leaves you with the feeling that, in many ways, he was a thoroughly nice man. Highly intelligent and articulate, sensitive and kind, he was a person you might have valued as a friend. At his 1983 trial, a document, Unscrambling Behaviour, written by Nilsen at Hornsey Police Station, was read out in part: "I guess I may be a creative psychopath who, when in a loss of rationality situation, lapses temporarily into a destructive psychopath...At the subconscious root lies a sense of total social isolation and a desperate search for sexual identity...God only knows what thoughts go through my mind when it’s captive within a destructive binge. "Maybe the cunning, stalking killer instinct is… more »

  • Did The Wrong Man Fry For The Death of Hero's Baby?
    (True Crime June 2018)

    On the evening of March 1st, 1932, the couple were at their estate near Hopewell, in the Sourland Mountains of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Their 19-month-old son, Charles Jr., was asleep in his crib in a first-floor bedroom. There were three other persons in the house: Betty Gow, the baby’s nurse; Ollie Whatley, the butler; and his wife, Elsie, the cook. At 9 p.m. these three were in the servants’ quarters. Anne Lindbergh went upstairs, looked into the nursery, saw that the baby was sleeping quietly and came downstairs again. Lindbergh was doing some writing in his study on the ground floor. At 9.50 p.m., Betty Gow went up to see whether the child was… more »

  • She Changed Her Face To Save Her Skin
    (Murder Most Foul No. 108)

    Rob Ashley couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his new neighbour emerging from her flat. Curious, he stared at her in disbelief, wondering what on earth could have happened to her. Looking sideways sheepishly, she introduced herself. Her name, she said, was Liza Pendragon. She had moved into the apartment with two dogs and a parrot. Rob Ashley decided she was charming and good-natured, softly spoken and shy. But her face looked like she’d had 15 rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson. Swollen, discoloured, covered with ugly bruises, she was not a pretty picture. “I’ve been in a car crash,” she told Rob apologetically. “And I’m fleeing from a violent boyfriend.” Ashley, who… more »

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