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Latest Articles

  • When Death Came Calling For Rosemarie
    (Murder Most Foul No. 130)

    Rosemarie lay on her back, sprawled out over the thick Persian carpet. She was still wearing a smart, low-cut evening dress, pulled up over her thighs to reveal her nylon-stockinged legs and suspenders. Her left foot was under the sofa, her right foot was under a cushion on the sofa. Her platinum blonde hair was dishevelled, her sightless eyes were swollen in their sockets, and her scarlet lips were twisted in an ugly grimace. There were bruises and discoloration plain to see on her open throat, caused by her killer’s fingers squeezing the last gasp of life out of her. The Princess of Vice, as they called her, had received her last paying customer, and… more »

  • Bucket In Basement Concealed Her Boyfriend’s Head
    (True Crime December 2023)

    Like Joni Mitchell in her song “Big Yellow Taxi,” Tara Pakanich was woken late one night when the screen door slammed. She got up to investigate. Downstairs she went to the basement where her son, Shad Thyrion, shared his bedroom with his girlfriend, Taylor Schabusiness. But when Tara investigated, she couldn’t see anyone. The light was on, but there was no one in. What she could see, however, was blood. An awful lot of blood. So Tara woke up her boyfriend, Steve Hendricks, to see if he could help solve the mystery. And between them, they discovered the most horrific sights they would ever see. They couldn’t believe their eyes, and when they called 911,… more »

  • British Grammar School Boy Accused Of 25 Murders
    (Master Detective December 2023)

    With the bunker door open, the officers entered a room. It was stocked with survival-type food; water, candles and a number of weapons with boxes of ammunition, including an AR-15 .223-calibre rifle that had been altered to make it into an automatic. A trap-door led to a room below the main floor of the building. As a deputy entered it he exclaimed: “Holy Moses!” One of the walls was lined with enlarged photos of young women posing naked or in various articles of flimsy lingerie. The photos hadn’t come from girlie magazines, and each portrayed a different young woman. On another wall a placard read: “Women are like books. You put them on the shelf… more »

  • The Mother And Daughter Slayers
    (True Detective December 2023)

    While others celebrated Christmas 2011 with their nearest and dearest, the atmosphere was less than festive in the Springfield, Missouri, home of church organist Diane Staudte, 51, who had other things on her mind. The time had come, she decided, to downsize her dysfunctional family. She hated her 61-year-old husband Mark, whose strong political opinions prompted him to write regularly to the press. He’d never had a steady job, and he’d recently given up any attempt to work, spending his time instead playing for a band – Messing with Destiny, best known for their track “Female Judas.” Diane’s 26-year-old, semi-autistic son Shaun was another problem. She considered him “worse than a pest,” and her opinion… more »

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