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Latest Articles

  • Did Mormon Bishop Murder For Love?
    (True Crime January 2024 – Final Issue Available!)

    Michele MacNeill lay face down in her bath. She was wearing a black T-shirt, bandages swathed her head, and her skin looked greenish in the cold brown water. Bursting into the bathroom, her little daughter shouted: “Mommy! We’re home! Are you feeling better? Can we have burgers for lunch?” She was still screaming when her father pounded upstairs to see what was happening. As soon as he saw his wife, he shouted at the terrified child: “Go and get the neighbours! Tell them to call for help!” When paramedics arrived, they found him pacing round the room scolding his dead wife for having the cosmetic surgery that had caused her collapse, and railing against God… more »

  • Six-Time Killer With A Lethal Needle
    (Master Detective January 2024 – Final Issue Available!)

    William Dale Archerd married seven times in 15 years, a rare feat by any standards. He kept up a steady supply of wives because of their habit of dying – helped, it should be said, by his habit of killing them. From an early age he wanted to be a doctor. It was an appropriate career choice, because everywhere he went he carried a hypodermic needle and a bottle of insulin. For Archerd, though, these were not intended as agents of healing, but of agonising death. He first came in contact with his killing tools while working as an attendant in a state mental hospital. In the 1940s insulin injections were given to patients to… more »

  • Horror Of The Body In The Hockey Bag
    (True Detective January 2024 – Final Issue Available!)

    Glenn van Norstrand would take his two Rhodesian Ridgebacks for a walk each morning on a popular track on Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills, New York. It’s in an upmarket part of the borough of Queens, and the morning of April 16th, 2022, was perfect for Glenn and his pooches. He set out at 8 a.m. to take advantage of a lovely spring morning. As they passed around the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and Jackie Robinson Parkway, the dogs started getting agitated about a bag that had been dumped on the street. Glenn tried to pull them away from the Bauer-branded hockey bag, but they were insistent. So he decided to have a look inside.… more »

  • When Death Came Calling For Rosemarie
    (Murder Most Foul No. 130)

    Rosemarie lay on her back, sprawled out over the thick Persian carpet. She was still wearing a smart, low-cut evening dress, pulled up over her thighs to reveal her nylon-stockinged legs and suspenders. Her left foot was under the sofa, her right foot was under a cushion on the sofa. Her platinum blonde hair was dishevelled, her sightless eyes were swollen in their sockets, and her scarlet lips were twisted in an ugly grimace. There were bruises and discoloration plain to see on her open throat, caused by her killer’s fingers squeezing the last gasp of life out of her. The Princess of Vice, as they called her, had received her last paying customer, and… more »

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