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  • Julie’s Murder Changed The Law
    (True Crime March 2020)

    When discovered, Julie’s naked body had been wrapped in a blanket and was in an advanced state of decomposition, but there was still clear evidence that she had been sexually assaulted and mutilated. Labourer Billy Dunlop soon became the prime suspect. He’d had a brief affair with Julie, he had a violent history, and traces of his DNA were found in her home. Moreover, Julie’s keys bearing his fingerprints were found under the floor at his lodgings, and he was charged with her murder. But despite this strong circumstantial evidence, the prosecution had a problem. Because the police failed to find Julie’s body and it had remained undiscovered for so long, the cause of her… more »

  • Digging Up Terri’s Murderer Solved A 50-Year Mystery
    (Master Detective March 2020)

    Emerald green Pacific rollers crashed onto rocks at Point Mugu, a scenic cove along the coastal highway 70 miles from the Californian town of Torrance. It was November 1972. Two early-morning fishermen looking for a safe spot to cast their lines peered down at the churning waters below. Mugu is well-known for its rogue waves, sea lions and whale-watching. “What in hell is that?” said the first one as he scrambled down the rocks. “Out there by the boulders.” He pointed to where breakers were throwing something pale onto the pebbles. It was the body of a young girl wearing only a white T-shirt. Only the day before, 11-year-old Terri Hollis had been enjoying a… more »

  • Horror in Florida: Five Students Slain By The Gainesville Ripper
    (True Detective March 2020)

    Within days of being rated the 13th best spot to live in the United States of America, the university city of Gainesville, Florida, was branded “Grisly Gainesville” by the media. And not without reason. The 72-hour nightmare of terror that gripped the community began on the afternoon of Sunday, August 26th, 1990, with the discovery of the bodies of two students, 17-year-old Christina Powell and 18-year-old Sonja Larson, in the townhouse flat they shared at Williamsburg Village Apartments. Christina’s parents had driven over to bring some things to her in her new home. They were already concerned about their daughter and her room-mate, for they had been unable to reach either by phone for the… more »

  • Horror Of The Heaven’s Gate Cult
    (Murder Most Foul No. 115)

    It was midday when Rio DiAngelo arrived at the hilltop mansion overlooking San Diego to find all the windows closed, the curtains drawn, and outdoor lights burning in the sunshine. The front door was locked, but he found a side door ajar and warily pushed it open. The unmistakable stench of death made him gag and he covered his face with his shirtsleeve, which still smelled of cologne from his morning shower. As he walked through the eerie silence, he knew what he would find. And he dreaded it. Upstairs, 39 of his friends lay dead in their beds after the largest mass suicide on American soil. All members of a bizarre cult, they had… more »


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