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  • “My Escape From A Serial Killer”
    (True Detective December 2018)

    On the outskirts of Palm Springs, California, a pretty 19-year-old girl stood at the roadside, her thumb raised in the air. Ordinarily, Jennifer would not have hitched a lift. But she had been warned she could lose her job for bad time-keeping, and on September 27th, 1992, she was running late. The driver who stopped to pick her up was muscular and clean-cut, his mild manner making a favourable impression. He opened his car door, offered to take her directly to work, and she readily accepted. How was she to know he was a serial killer? Eleven years later she was a prosecution witness in his May 2004 trial for the 1996 murder of Cassandra… more »

  • Handcuffed And Hogtied...Victim In The Monster’s Torture Chamber
    (Murder Most Foul No.110)

    Inside the home of James D. Worley in Delta, south-west of Toledo, police found handguns, a shock collar, handcuffs, ropes and tape. But their next find was much more worrying. In a historic Dutch barn close to the house, known as the north barn, they found a secret room which was described as “like something from a Stephen King novel.” Equipped with restraints to prevent escape or movement, it was nothing short of a torture chamber. When Worley, 57, was brought to a Fulton County Court trial in March 2018, prosecutor Scott A. Haselman began dramatically by pointing at him. “That man sitting right there kidnapped, murdered, and buried Sierah Joughin,” he said. Haselman said… more »

  • The Wife In The Wheelie-Bin
    (True Crime November 2018)

    When his 30-year-old wife Edwina disappeared from their home in Melbourne, Australia, on October 6th, 1983, Frederick Boyle said she had run off with a trucker. But her sister didn’t believe him. And when Boyle’s son-in-law found Edwina’s skull in a wheelie-bin in Boyle’s back garden 23 years later, Edwina’s sister told reporters: “She had sent us letters every single week, and then she suddenly stopped writing. It was so out of character. I knew she had been killed and there was only one person it could have been. Her husband told us a pack of lies, and all this time he has kept her body.” Pleading not guilty when his trial began at Victoria… more »

  • Serial Killer Takes Cops On Murder Tour
    (Master Detective November 2018)

    The thousands of abandoned houses and dirt-cheap motels were a hunting ground for a vicious killer such as Vann. It was an area he knew well. It’s an area where young girls who have fallen off the radar can easily disappear; it’s a fertile ground for rape and murder. But seven stranglings – and possibly several more – is rather pushing it… Darren Vann was quickly in the frame for the October 17th, 2014, murder of 19-year-old Afrikka Hardy at the shabby Motel 6 on the outskirts of town. During interrogation he confessed to her killing and told police he had been involved in other murders. He told police he “messed up,” but was surprised… more »

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