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  • The Horrors Of The Black Panther
    (Master Detective January 2018)

    Donald Neilson was checking-out a Freightliner depot at Dudley, Worcestershire, as a possible pick-up point for further instructions, when a security guard challenged him. The kidnapper responded by shooting the guard, 44-year-old Gerald Smith, six times. Then he ran, leaving behind in a car park his Morris 1300 containing one of Lesley Whittle’s tape-recorded messages. At first there seemed to be nothing to connect the shooting incident with Lesley’s kidnapping. Superintendent Robert Booth of the West Mercia Constabulary, leading the investigation into her disappearance, wasn’t even aware of the episode, but as police questioned the wounded guard they found his description of his attacker more than interesting. It matched accounts given of a man dubbed… more »

  • Spurned Lover Kills 87
    (True Detective January 2018)

    Three weeks had passed since Lydia had finally given Julio Gonzalez the heave-ho from her apartment. He had just lost his job at a lamp factory in Queens. He was already two weeks behind on the rent of his room. The landlord later said, “From what I know, he’s down to his last hope.” That fatal night, March 25th, 1990, at the Happy Land nightclub he had drunk too much. Now, his body bruised from hitting the pavement, his pride crushed by his ex-girlfriend, he dragged himself down the empty street. Walking around the Bronx at 3 o’clock in the morning has never been safe, but Gonzalez had other things on his mind. Steadfastly, he… more »

  • Barbecue Killer Sold Victims As "Special Meat"
    (True Crime December, 2017)

    The fate of the two victims’ body parts defies human imagination. According to his confession, after burying the parts he didn’t want in several shallow graves in a little wood behind his trailer home, Metheny ate some of the rest and then chopped up what remained and put the meat into Tupperware bowls, “which I then put in the freezer.” Over the next couple of weeks he opened up a barbecue beef stand alongside a busy Maryland road, from where he served the flesh from Kimberly’s and Catherine’s bodies. “I sold it as real roast beef, and in pork sandwiches. And why not? They were very good. “The human body tastes very similar to pork.… more »

  • Peter Kürten – My Life Of Perversion And Murder
    (Murder Most Foul No. 106)

    At Kürten's trial Dr. Wehner, the young defence lawyer, told the court, “Kürten is a riddle to me.” Some murderers killed only men, others killed only women. “But Kürten killed men, women, children and animals – he killed everything he found!” “And he was at the same time a very clever man and quite a nice one,” the defence medical witness Professor Sioli interjected, to laughter in court. Earlier, Kürten had told the jury that he confessed to his wife because “there comes a time in the life of every criminal when he can go no further. And that spiritual collapse is what I experienced.” Seeking the death penalty, in his final speech the prosecutor… more »

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