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  • Crimewatch Sex-Killer Finally Brought To Justice
    (Master Detective October 2018)

    When he was 25 Paul Hutchinson thought he had got away with murder. “You’ll never catch me,” he mocked police in an anonymous letter. He was almost right. For the next 26 years the file on his victim, Colette Aram, had to be stowed away marked “Unsolved.” The murder of Colette in 1983, for so long unsolved, was the first-ever case to feature on TV’s Crimewatch when the programme began in June, 1984, but despite the intense interest it provoked, no one was ever charged. Officially the file on the murder remained open, and in a cold case review in 2004 – the 20th anniversary of the launch of Crimewatch – police began to follow… more »

  • Railway Killers’ Reign Of Terror
    (True Detective October 2018)

    David Mulcahy married in 1978, as did John Duffy in 1980, but neither he nor Mulcahy lost their urge to rape. And in 1982 they chalked up their first rape victim, a 21-year-old woman they grabbed in Kilburn, north-west London. “We were both very excited,” Duffy was to confess later, “and said we should do it again.” So they did. Again and again and again. They also became more organised, selecting secluded spots in advance where they could take their victims, and planning their escape routes. Mulcahy stuck strips of tape inside his jacket to use to gag and blindfold the victims, Duffy carried a matchbox containing tissues to wipe away and burn forensic evidence.… more »

  • Horror On The Pig Farm
    (Murder Most Foul No.109)

    A huge boar weighing 600lbs patrols Robert “Willie” Pickton’s pig farm at Port Coquitlam, 20 miles east of Vancouver. It lumbers round the perimeter with a snarling pit-bull, lunging and snapping at unwanted visitors. Locals say dog and boar have AIDS. A stink of mud, manure and offal hangs over the 17-acre pork factory where Pickton raises and butchers pigs. By day it’s a bleak suburban wasteland flanked by a McDonald’s restaurant and supermarkets. By night, muffled squeals and screams come from the outbuildings, and people describe it as “creepy.” Pickton, his brother and sister have sold off parcels of the farmland they inherited from their parents in the 1970s, and grown wealthy from the… more »

  • Why Melanie Killed And Cut Up Her Husband
    (True Crime September 2018)

    When a fisherman noticed a small suitcase floating in the water just under Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay Bridge on May 5th, 2004, he had no idea that he was about to expose one of the most baffling murder cases this century. He opened the suitcase and found a pair of legs, from the knees down, stuffed into a bin liner. Horrified, he took the green and black case to the police. The detectives assigned to investigate knew that this was no ordinary murder. To kill is one thing, but to butcher a body requires a strong stomach and an iron will. How many killers could ignore the noise and vibration of a saw ripping through flesh… more »

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