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  • Serial Killer Takes Cops On Murder Tour
    (Master Detective November 2018)

    The thousands of abandoned houses and dirt-cheap motels were a hunting ground for a vicious killer such as Vann. It was an area he knew well. It’s an area where young girls who have fallen off the radar can easily disappear; it’s a fertile ground for rape and murder. But seven stranglings – and possibly several more – is rather pushing it… Darren Vann was quickly in the frame for the October 17th, 2014, murder of 19-year-old Afrikka Hardy at the shabby Motel 6 on the outskirts of town. During interrogation he confessed to her killing and told police he had been involved in other murders. He told police he “messed up,” but was surprised… more »

  • Iana's Body Was Drained Of Blood – While She Was Still Alive
    (True Detective November 2018)

    Most people have around nine pints of blood. When Blake Leibel had finished with Iana she had, according to a coroner, “less than a teaspoon.” Most murders, usually with a knife or a firearm, leave a lot of blood around, but as soon as the heart stops pumping, blood starts to dry up and coagulate. Iana Kasian, pretty and perfect, took a long time to die as blood slowly drained out of her. It probably took about eight hours – hours of slow torture by a man she loved and the father of her new-born baby. Life had been good just a few weeks earlier. Now she was strapped to a bed as her fiancé… more »

  • Hollywood Nightmare As Brothers Execute Their Parents
    (True Crime October 2018)

    “Someone killed my parents!” Joseph Lyle Menendez, 21, yelled down the phone to emergency. It was 11.47 p.m. on August 20th, 1989. Lyle claimed he had returned from seeing the new Batman movie with his brother, Erik Galen Menendez, 18, to their $5 million Beverly Hills home at 722 North Elm Drive – a mansion once owned by Elton John. There, he said, they found their parents dead – apparently the victims of a home invasion. The boys’ father, Jose Enrique “Joe” Menendez, 45, a Hollywood producer, and their mother, Kitty, 47, had been slaughtered in the family den as they watched TV and ate strawberries with vanilla ice cream. “Kitty was wearing white. She… more »

  • Horror On The Pig Farm
    (Murder Most Foul No.109)

    A huge boar weighing 600lbs patrols Robert “Willie” Pickton’s pig farm at Port Coquitlam, 20 miles east of Vancouver. It lumbers round the perimeter with a snarling pit-bull, lunging and snapping at unwanted visitors. Locals say dog and boar have AIDS. A stink of mud, manure and offal hangs over the 17-acre pork factory where Pickton raises and butchers pigs. By day it’s a bleak suburban wasteland flanked by a McDonald’s restaurant and supermarkets. By night, muffled squeals and screams come from the outbuildings, and people describe it as “creepy.” Pickton, his brother and sister have sold off parcels of the farmland they inherited from their parents in the 1970s, and grown wealthy from the… more »

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