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  • The Manson Massacres
    (Master Detective May 2018)

    “Now is the time for Helter Skelter!” Manson announced, telling Susan Atkins to change into creepy-crawly clothing and get a knife. Linda Kasabian was also told to change into dark clothing. She too got herself a knife. Patricia Krenwinkel, high on acid, was also ordered to equip herself with dark clothing and a blade. The trio then got into an old yellow and white Ford driven by Tex Watson. Linda was in the front passenger seat, and Susan and Patricia sat in the back, a pair of bolt-cutters and a long coil of special nylon rope beside them. Just before they left the ranch, Manson came over to the car and said: “Leave a sign.… more »

  • 10 Death Sentences For “The Grim Sleeper”
    (True Detective May 2018)

    Lonnie David Franklin Jnr., 57, was described by his neighbours as “friendly and quiet.” On July 4th, 2010, he was having fun at a children’s party at John’s Incredible Pizza in Buena Park, California. As he left, an investigator who was working undercover as a waiter bagged the remaining slice of pizza and the utensils that Franklin had used. It was the final break the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) had been looking for. The resulting familial DNA test would link Franklin to 10 murders. Now retired, Franklin liked to work on his car in the yard outside his mint-green house and chat to passers-by. Grandfatherly in appearance, he was the kind of man you… more »

  • Four Dead In Scorned Mom’s Shooting Spree
    (Murder Most Foul No. 107)

    Jessica Edens had it all and she wanted everyone to know. The website for her successful photography business described her as “a Greenville, South Carolina-based photographer, a mother of two precious children, and a wife to the most wonderful man.” The 36-year-old’s ambition was to become “a stay-at-home, working mom.” It was the American dream: a loving family, great job, nice house, apple pie, sunshine, wonderful husband. Jessica had not only pursued happiness, she had achieved it. But on July 13th, 2017, her dream had become a nightmare. Four people lay dead; families were devastated. Jessica Edens had confronted and accused a young woman, 28-year-old Meredith Rahme, of stealing her husband, before executing her without… more »

  • Killer Baby-Sitter Murdered Five Children
    (True Crime April 2018)

    On January 4th, 1982, 77-year-old Wilburn Swindle had been found lying face-down on his living-room floor in the town of Perry. And, said Deputy Hugh Poppell, of Taylor County sheriff’s office, “His pants pockets had been pulled wrong side out.” According to local gossip, Wilburn Swindle had a lot of money lying around – and apparently the killer had believed these stories, for the ground all around the house had been dug up. And even some of the ground under it. Christine Falling had been hired by Wilburn Swindle the day before he was killed, and there was no record of her being released by him, or of her notifying him, or anyone else, that… more »

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