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  • Bungle That Paved The Way For A Girl's Frenzied Death
    (True Crime March 2018)

    On July 23rd, 2013, Alemany launched a 19-hour crime spree of frenzied violence during which he attacked three women, including Amy Lord. At around 6 a.m., he first attacked a 23-year-old woman as she made her way to work as a cashier in Dunkin’ Donuts. He hit her in the face and dragged her into a park where he told her: “I’m not robbing you – I’m going to kill you.” But when he turned his back for an instant she fled. She told police that Alemany called after her: “Oh my God. I’m so f….d up. I’m sorry.” By the time she was able to call for help, Alemany was already on the hunt… more »

  • Slow Death Of Killing Pair’s Final Victim
    (Master Detective March 2018)

    On the Monday after, just before 1 p.m., barman George Koch unlocked the front door of the Nineteen Bar on West 15th Street in Minneapolis. He unlatched the side door and busied himself around the bar. A tall, greying man walked in. He wore glasses and carried a briefcase. “A beer,” the newcomer said. “My name is Trowbridge, Harold Trowbridge,” he explained. He was divisional sales manager of a printing company and wanted to show a new city directory for Minneapolis. The door opened again and a tall young man wearing a black leather jacket strode in and took a seat at the bar next to Trowbridge. “Draw me a brew,” he said. As Koch… more »

  • Evil Farm Hand Executed Four Victims
    (True Detective March 2018)

    Despite attracting huge publicity, and being featured on shows such as BBC’s Crimewatch, both double-murders – millionaire farmer Richard Thomas, 58, and his sister Helen, 54, in their Scoveston Park home near Milford Haven, and four years later marketing manager Peter Dixon and his wife Gwenda, whose blasted bodies were discovered in a cliff-edge hideaway on one of Pembrokeshire’s lonely rural paths – remained unsolved for years. Then, in 2006, Dyfed-Powys Police re-examined the evidence using modern techniques, in a final attempt to solve the crime. They had plenty of time to build their case, because John Cooper, the man they suspected, and finally identified as the killer, was at that time doing 16 years… more »

  • A Flame-Thrower In The Classroom
    (Murder Most Foul No. 107)

    Anna Langohr, games teacher at the Katholische Volksschule (Catholic Elementary School) in Cologne, turned away from her class of nine-year-old girls ineffectually doing star jumps in the playground. There was a man walking towards her. She recognised him at once as Willi Walter Seifert, 43, a local man she would not choose to socialise with. Seifert, a former police officer, had some kind of tank strapped across his back, like the ones scuba divers wear. He was carrying some form of rod or lance in his arms. “Can I help you?” Anna asked. Without reply, Seifert ignited the home-made flame-thrower and blasted it at the girls. Anna did her best to place herself between the… more »

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