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Latest Articles

  • “52 Kilos Of Pure Evil”
    (True Detective May 2020)

    A bathroom door is carried into court and propped against the witness-box in a trial that will prove a millionaire Irish businessman guilty of killing the beautiful wife he loved. As Brian Kearney stares at it, he remembers that cloudy morning in February 2006 when he woke up in his baby son’s bedroom, knowing for certain that Siobhán wanted to leave him.  He had already received letters from her solicitor about separation, but part of him refused to accept that their relationship was definitely over. After all, they had so much to lose: their son growing-up, the hotel in Majorca, family life in Dublin… On February 27th, 2006, his 49th birthday, he woke at 7… more »

  • Porn-Addict Neighbour Strangled Jo
    (True Crime April 2020)

    When her doorbell rang a week before Christmas at Flat 1 the owner, 25-year-old landscape architect Joanna Yeates, thought it must be her neighbour. She was right. What she didn’t know was that he had come to kill her. The neighbour, Dutchman Vincent Tabak, lived at No. 2, the next-door ground-floor flat to Joanna’s in Clifton, Bristol. Jo’s boyfriend was away visiting his family in Sheffield at the time, and Vincent Tabak’s girlfriend was at an office party. What no one knew at that moment was that Tabak was a heavy viewer of online porn, including violent content that involved women being choked. Alone in his flat a few hours before ringing Jo’s doorbell, he… more »

  • Murder By Pitchfork On The Pig Farm
    (Master Detective April 2020)

    Since Todd Mullis had discovered his wife Amy’s affair in 2013, he had become so controlling and manipulative that Amy’s friends and family called her POT – short for “Prisoner of Todd.” If his marriage broke up, the 43-year-old farmer stood to lose half his land and millions of dollars.  But Amy wanted out, and there was good reason for that. She had discovered someone else. She was having another affair. In the summer of 2018 the 39-year-old told her brother that as soon as all the crops were out of the fields she planned to leave her husband and then she would file for divorce. “Todd will flip out when I tell him,” she… more »

  • Horror Of The Heaven’s Gate Cult
    (Murder Most Foul No. 115)

    It was midday when Rio DiAngelo arrived at the hilltop mansion overlooking San Diego to find all the windows closed, the curtains drawn, and outdoor lights burning in the sunshine. The front door was locked, but he found a side door ajar and warily pushed it open. The unmistakable stench of death made him gag and he covered his face with his shirtsleeve, which still smelled of cologne from his morning shower. As he walked through the eerie silence, he knew what he would find. And he dreaded it. Upstairs, 39 of his friends lay dead in their beds after the largest mass suicide on American soil. All members of a bizarre cult, they had… more »


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