True Crime Winter Special 2020

True Crime Winter Special 2020


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November 11th, 2020


Don’t miss this hand-picked collection of cases from earlier issues of True Crime and its sister magazines True Detective, Master Detective and Murder Most Foul – a concentrated dose of the best non-fiction murder stories from across the world.

Highlights include:

* Cruel Wife-Killer Confessed To Priest

* Why Alec Murdered His Mother-In-Law

* The “Come Dine With Me” Murder

* The Ukrainian Family Feud That Horrified America

* Mandy And Iris Die In Evil Couple’s Death Plot

* The Monster Of The Andes

* They Kept Sex Slaves In House Of Torture

* Mum Turned Her Kids Into Killers

* Evil Stepfather Abused Jessica’s Corpse

* Rejected Romeo’s Deadly Revenge

* Why Amanda Will Never Know Freedom Again

* Why Brendan And Cassie Killed His Grandparents

* A Half-Way House To Murder

* How The Suffolk Strangler Became A Killing Machine

* Horror At The Hairdressers

* Mystery Of Australia’s “Gone Girl”

* Headmaster Goes On Killing Spree

* Evil Granny Dressed Up To Kill

* Horrific Crimes Of The Athens Ripper

* The Madman Who Went To London To Kill The Queen

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