True Detective November 2023


Jane Andrews had been the Duchess of York’s dresser, travelling the globe and mixing with the upper echelons of British society – a far cry from her much more humble roots growing up on the Lincolnshire coast. But her world was turned upside down when her position as a royal aide ended in redundancy. Life would never be the same again. Three years later, in September 2000, she walked out of her Fulham home and disappeared. Inside the flat was the body of her lover Tom Cresswell who had been battered and stabbed to death. After the discovery of the 39-year-old former stockbroker’s body, police launched a murder hunt – and Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson’s former employee was the prime suspect. See “Crimes That Made The Headlines: The Royal Dresser – Wanted For Murder” for the full story.

Kate Kasten had lost her husband Kory to lung cancer a year before – and was hoping that her new relationship with Richard Emery would bring her happiness, and much-needed stability to the young lives of her children Jon and Zoe. Instead, after a promising start, it brought death and misery. How did it go so wrong? Read this issue’s “So How Come He Killed Four?” and find out.

“Questions & Answers – Six Shots To Avenge A Massacre” takes us back to the London of 1940 and the assassination of Sir Michael O’Dwyer, the former Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab, at the hands of a young Indian firebrand seeking to further the cause of independence. Don’t miss it!

Highlights this issue include:

* So How Come He Killed Four?
* Crimes That Made The Headlines: The Royal Dresser – Wanted For Murder
* America’s Most Evil: The Killer Who Hunted Hunters
* Tongue-Tied Killer Had To Miss The Derby
* Last Execution At Dublin’s Richmond Gaol
* Hanged In Australia: Who Killed Mary On The Way To Paradise?
* Questions & Answers: Six Shots To Avenge A Massacre
* Death In The Line Of Duty: Part 11
* Execution USA

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