We have provided here answers to some common questions we get asked. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to call +44(0) 20 8778 0514 or email enquiries@truecrimelibrary.com.

How much does a year's subscription cost for Europe and Rest of World

Magazine           Europe     Rest of World

True Detective             £50          £61 (Airmail – £50 Surface Mail)  1 Year

Master Detective        £50          £61 (Airmail – £50 Surface Mail)  1 Year

True Crime                   £50         £61 (Airmail – £50 Surface Mail)  1 Year

Murder Most Foul       £22        £28 (Airmail – £22 Surface Mail)  1 Year

What is the price in US dollars for a subscription?

Approximately $80 surface mail and $95 airmail for one year (12 issues) for either True Detective, True Crime or Master Detective. Murder Most Foul for one year (4 issues) approximately $34 surface mail or $44 airmail.

I would like to subscribe to True Detective. I cannot find them anywhere. How?

You can send an email to enquiries@truecrimelibrary.com. Just tell us your name and address and we will get our distribution company to supply your local newsagent.

I live in Australia. Can I get your magazines here?

You can buy our magazines in your local newsagents if the newsagent puts in an order to ‘MarketForce’. They are available in Australia, USA, Brazil, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore and South Africa.

Your prices are all in £ Sterling. Can you convert the amount into my currency?

Just go to www.xe.com/ucc/. This is a currency converter website and you just type in the amount in GBP. The amount will come up in whatever currency you choose. The link to this website is also on our website.

I want to find an old back copy with a particular story, can you help?

Just give us the name of the killer or victim and any other points of the story that will be helpful in locating the article. If you know the actual Magazine, Month and Year that will be even better. You can email us at enquiries@truecrimelibrary.com.