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  • America’s Most Evil – Volume 2

    Sadists, cannibals, psychopaths and serial killers – 24 of the WORST! Prepare yourself to be shocked at the evil these men and women do – and pray you never meet them face to face…


  • British Murders That Shocked The World


    Brace yourself for the in-depth stories of some of Britain’s most notorious and depraved killers… plus others, just as horrific, you may never have heard of before. They all have one thing in common – their murderous crimes sent shockwaves around the world…

  • Gangland Confidential

    The bullet-riddled careers of gangland’s most notorious figures – laid bare! Here, fresh from True Crime magazine’s renowned Gangland Confidential series, is a collection of the most fascinating – and chilling – tales from the days of the mob. In these tales of power, corruption and extreme violence, you’ll meet the mobsters who once ran America!

  • Notorious Murders Of The 1960s

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    Available in UK shops from 1 April 2020

    Relive the murderous 1960s – a decade of mayhem – in 20 hard-hitting case reports!


  • What Makes Women Kill?

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    Available in UK shops from 9 January 2020

    They shoot, they stab, they poison, they strangle, they drug, they bludgeon, they behead… But why? Their motives are almost as numerous as their methods. Within these pages you’ll learn what goes on in the mind, soul and body of a woman who can commit the act of MURDER.

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