America’s Most Evil

America’s Most Evil


Our biggest ever collection of true crime stories. Published May 3rd, 2018



Prepare to be shocked at the evil men – and women – do…

In this bumper collection from the case files of the world-famous True Detective magazine, you’ll meet 17 of America’s Most Evil – sadists, psychopaths, cannibals and serial killers. In in-depth factual reports you’ll learn what made them tick – and what their victims went through. Prepare to make the acquaintance of such infamous figures as:

* Ed Gein

Stephen Nash

Randy Kraft

Christopher Wilder

Gary Heidnik

Judy Buenoano

Charles Manson

Jeffrey Dahmer

Harvey Glatman

Judith Neelley

Larry Eyler

Nannie Doss

Albert Fish

Rodney Alcala

Edmund Kemper

Kenneth Bianchi

Angelo Buono

Prepare to meet them – but don’t shake hands.