Gangland Confidential

Gangland Confidential


The bullet-riddled careers of gangland’s most notorious figures – laid bare! Here, fresh from True Crime magazine’s renowned Gangland Confidential series, is a collection of the most fascinating – and chilling – tales from the days of the mob. In these tales of power, corruption and extreme violence, you’ll meet the mobsters who once ran America!


Each month in True Crime magazine one of the most popular features is Gangland Confidential. It draws on both True Crime Library’s archive of classic stories from the days of the mob, and gritty, newly researched tales put together by some of our finest modern-day crime writers. Now we bring you the first collection of tales from this series…

Brace yourself for some of the hardest-hitting mob tales you’ll ever read, filled with larger-than-life personalities, fast-moving action and gruesome retribution…

16 Sensational Cases:

The Jake Lingle Murder

Al Capone’s Homicide Squad

The Gangster Who Invented The One-Way Ride

“The Only Welshman In the Mafia”

Death To The Irish Florist

Unione Of Death

What Made Florence Marry Into The Mob – Twice?

The Angel Of Death

Giancana, Marilyn And The Mob

The Bloody Reign Of Gangster Frank Nitti

Scourge Of The Bootleggers Was Al Capone’s Brother

The Blood-Red Career Of “Machine-Gun” Jack McGurn – Part One

The Blood-Red Career Of “Machine-Gun” Jack McGurn – Part Two

The Lucky Luciano Story

Murder Inc. – Gangland’s Executioners

Virginia Hill – Queen Of The Mob

“How I Smashed the Dropper-Augie Mobs”

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