True Crime Summer Special 2014


Summer is here with True Crime stories

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This collection of 20 cases from the pages of True Crime, Master Detective, True Detective and Murder Most Foul brings classic and contemporary cases from around the world together.

Stories in this issue include:

* “Killer clown” was part of husband’s murder plot
* Brave mum murdered by paedophiles
* Elizabeth’s fatal affair
* Murder in Strangeways
* A mother’s story of torture and death
* Death came dressed as Father Christmas
* Killer had his own “Bermuda Triangle”
* How many victims for the truck stop killer?
* The policeman who planned the perfect murder
* Clue of the bloody footprint
* George was innocent, say psychics
* What happened to Mamie?
* The tragic Craig/Bentley case
* Lena, the Mafia, love and murder
* A trail of rape and murder
* Tracey and Lisa: Brisbane’s cannibal killers
* The ultimate whodunnit!
* Jilted killer fled Florida to UK
* Justice at last for brave Lynn
* The killer in the shadows
* Eighteen years to catch a rape-killer…

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