America’s Most Evil – Volume 2

America’s Most Evil – Volume 2


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Sadists, cannibals, psychopaths and serial killers – 24 of the WORST! Prepare yourself to be shocked at the evil these men and women do – and pray you never meet them face to face…


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One of the most popular features in the monthly True Detective magazine is “America’s Most Evil”. Into this second special edition we’ve packed 22 chilling cases from that series, exploring the seemingly endless inventive ways found by some of the world’s most depraved individuals to inflict pain, horror and death. You’ll learn what made them tick – what their victims went through – and how they were brought to justice.

22 Chilling Cases Include:

Joel Rifkin – “He Was Just A Nerdy Guy”

Tommy Lynn Sells – “I Think I’ll Kill Someone Today”

Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris – Freaks Went Shopping For Girls To Kill

Herbert Mullin – Mad Killer Mullin

Bill J. Benefiel – Monster Kept Girls For Rape And Torture

Dennis Rader – 10 Victims For The BTK Strangler

Howard Unruh – Fantasy Of Death – 13 Die in 11 Minutes

John Norman Collins – The Michigan Ripper

Richard Speck – “Born To Raise Hell”

Robert Hansen – The Woman Hunter

Albert Dyer – The Fiend Of Inglewood

Genene Jones – Miss Jones – The Nurse From Hell

Joseph Paul Franklin – Racist Sniper Claimed 20 Victims

Gary Ridgway – The Green River Killer

Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Elwood Toole – Henry’s Stories Of Murder

Teofilo Medina – Spree-Killer On A Mission From Satan

Julio Gonzalez – Spurned Lover Killed 87

Ronald Gene Simmons – Sixteen Die In Christmas Massacre

William Bonin – “If You Want to Kill – Make A Plan”

Blanche Taylor – 86 Years Old And Still On Death Row

Stanley Dean Baker – “I Have A Problem – I’m A Cannibal”

James Allen – “By The Way – My Husband’s A Convicted Murderer”

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