True Crime Winter Special 2014

True Crime Winter Special 2014


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True Crime stories to keep you warm over winter

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True Crime Winter Special 2014 – 20 all true murder cases

* “Crushed bride” at Yale University
Five days before her wedding day a student disappeared on the campus

* A day in the death of Joe Orton
The English playwright and author shocked, outraged and amused audiences with his scandalous black comedies but his life was to end in tragedy…

* Murder by gaslight
In London during the wartime blackout a crime was triggered by the turning up and down of a gas light in the room below

* Cannibal fantasies of the mutilator
10-year-old Jamie Bolin decided to go for a bike ride unaware of the neighbour who had laid a trap for her

* Wives who chopped up bodies
"I barbecued his ribs just like in a restaurant…"

* Did nurse Melanie kill and dismember husband Bill?
The body of a computer programmer was discovered in three suitcases floating in water in Maryland

* Gallows for a policeman’s killer
Did the cop killer make three fatal errors or were his statements changed to help convict him?

* Erin and the Caffey family massacre
Two young men burst into a family home in Texas and embarked on a killing spree

* He killed to escape the asylum
From Oldham, a six-year-old girl was battered to death in a cemetery

* The husband and wife murder team
The brutal murder of a cheerleader

* The XBox massacre
How the eviction of squatters led to Florida’s worst-ever killing spree

* A speck of blood trapped Karen’s killer
Advances in scientific technology brought a killer to justice

* Strangled – because she wanted sex!
The fear of pre-nuptial sex drove a teenager to kill

* Horror in room 13
A six-year-old girl did not return home after a trip to Pleasureland in Southport

* The family secret that led to murder
From Dublin, an army officer’s dispute with his brother-in-law ended in tragedy

* Did Kelley really strangle husband Jim?
Jim and Kelley Cannon seemed to have it all – but the appearance of a perfect life was deceptive

* Wife killed husband with samurai sword
A woman who was tired of being a wife and mother decided the whole family would have to go

* How I helped catch London’s perverted sex killer
Recalling the exciting days of legendary crime reporter Duncan Webb

* Brentford footballer makes legal history
The Act that modified the double jeopardy rule meant that those acquitted in England of murder could now be tried again for the same slaying

* Sunset for a little ray of sunshine
The fate of little Rose was sealed when her mum fell for her grandad

* Shopping list for a perfect murder
Khusbu Shah let her killer into her Glasgow flat and made him a cup of tea

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