True Detective January 2024 – Final Issue Available!

True Detective January 2024 – Final Issue Available!


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The history of crime is dominated by men. Think of a mobster, murderer, crime boss or robber and, chances are, the first name that comes to mind will be a male one. But don’t be fooled – it’s not just men who make the criminal world go round. And in this issue we have a remarkable story that will demonstrate that fact in thrilling style. “Queens Of The Underworld” relates the extraordinary case of French-Canadian Monica Proietti, aka Monica la Mitraille – “Machine-Gun Molly”. She and two childhood friends, brothers Robert and Gerard Lelievre, formed a gang of laser-focused armed robbers. Montreal had never known anything like it. And even the cops in hot pursuit of the gang had to admire the brains and discipline of the machine-gun-wielding leader of the operation. It’s all in this issue.

Christmas should be a time of joy. But for those with twisted criminal intent, the festive season can offer opportunities for making sure the year ends in miserable style. “Crimes That Made The Headlines – Death Came Dressed As Father Christmas” takes us back to the Oxfordshire of the early Noughties and the crimes of trainee nurse Benjamin Geen. Two patients died after being injected with dangerous drugs by the deadly thrill-seeker. Fifteen other patients suffered grievous bodily harm.

Finally, don’t miss “Questions & Answers – The Man Who Made Off With Mona”. A tragic tale of child-abduction and murder, the case influenced law-makers into changing the “no body, no murder” principle.

Highlights this issue include:

* Horror Of The Body In The Hockey Bag
* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Death Came Dressed As Father Christmas
* America’s Most Evil: He Buried The Bodies In Mom’s Back Garden
* Queens Of The Underworld: Machine-Gun Molly
* Downfall Of An Amateur Detective
* Seven Die In Gun Rampage
* Death In The Line Of Duty: Part 13
* The Lustful Crime Of William Scanlan
* Hanged In Australia: Annie’s Head Was Almost Severed
* Execution USA
* Questions & Answers: The Man Who Made Off With Mona

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