Master Detective October 2020


There’s an anniversary theme to this month’s Master Detective. Fifty years after his sudden and shocking demise in London at the age of 27 in September 1970, we consider the evidence that, far from being the victim of an accidental overdose, the legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix was, in fact, murdered. Read “Who Killed Hendrix?” for the full story.

A second anniversary case – Scotland’s Classic Cases: Brothers In Barlinnie’s Death Cell – takes us to the Glasgow of 1950. A brutal murder had taken place, and soon two notorious brothers found themselves under suspicion.

Finally, don’t miss part one of our new series, A Golden Age…For Murder, featuring a grisly tale of domestic homicide from Edwardian London.

Highlights this issue include:

* Body Parts In Bin Bags – But Where Are Janie’s Hands?

* European Crime Report: “Antwerp’s Pokemon Murder,” “When Dentist Cheryl Pulled Her Husband’s Teeth,” “I Bought A Freezer And Sliced Up My Daughter With A Bread Knife,” “Killer Was Raised In Paedophile Cult Commune”

* New Series: A Golden Age…For Murder – He Packed His Dead Family In A Trunk

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Brothers In Barlinnie’s Death Cell

* Who Killed Hendrix?

* Stripper Lit A Candle To Conceal His Decaying Victim

* MD Forum: Why Irma Was Destined For The Gallows

* Killers Released To Kill Again: Second Life Sentence For Edinburgh’s Wheelie-Bin Killer

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