Master Detective August 2020


For more than two decades Lynne Benton had served as a police officer in the quaint town of Gladstone, Oregon. A high-profile figure, she was the last person the town’s folk would have ever expected to be involved with a murder. Did her transition from woman to man play any part in the tragic events that unfolded? Read “Sex-Change Cop In Bizarre Murder Triangle” in this issue for the full story.

Paroled from a murder sentence, within two months of regaining his freedom towering Douglas Vinter was killing again. How did it happen? That’s the subject of this month’s “Killers Released To Kill Again”.

Finally, ever wondered who inspired the character of Villanelle, the stylish assassin in TV sensation “Killing Eve”? Find out this issue when you meet the deadly Idoia López Riaño.

Highlights this issue include:

* Who Executed The Imperial Wizard?

* European Crime Report: “Spain’s Real-Life ‘Killing Eve’ Case,” “Billionaire Charged With Murder Of ‘Kidnapped’ Wife,” “I Cooked My Girlfriend’s Legs And Ate Them,” “Two Women Dead As Traffic Cop Sees Red”

* MD Forum: Questionable Evidence

* Sex-Change Cop In Bizarre Murder Triangle

* From Park Avenue Princess To Prison

* Killers Released To Kill Again: “I Hope He Has Nightmares For The Rest Of His Life”

* “Absolutely Suicide”

* The Monster On The Common

* No Christmas At Killuney House

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