Murder Most Foul No. 117


When their once-happy marriage had slid into resentment, Mark Sievers inexplicably decided that murder was to be the fate of his successful doctor wife Teresa, the mother of his two children. To make the cruel plan a reality, he hired his old buddy Curtis Wright to pay a murderous visit to the family home in Florida – while he was away in New York. Trouble was, lookalike Curtis and a criminal sidekick proved to be anything but professional hit-men. See “Death Row For Husband Who Hired ‘Lookalike’ Killer” in this issue for the full story.

According to distraught young South Carolina mother Susan Smith, an armed carjacker had stolen her car and driven off with her two young boys strapped in the back seat of the vehicle. She gave police a description of the thief and, as a widespread manhunt got under way, the nation held its breath. Surely someone must have seen the man and the vehicle? Find out what happened in this issue’s “Why Murder The Children?”

Veronica and Alistair Wilson weren’t expecting guests at their elegant home in Nairn, Scotland, on an icy-cold November night in 2004. The visitor, it turned out, was anything but friendly, fatally wounding Alistair with shots from a 1920s semi-automatic gun. Who he was remains a mystery. Read “Unsolved: Death On His Doorstep” for the facts.

Highlights this issue include:

* A Very Deadly Couple

* Death Row For Husband Who Hired “Lookalike” Killer

* Sadistic Brute Who Strangled Kelly

* Sydney Horror Of The Body Behind The Bins

* Why Murder The Children?

* Unsolved: Death On His Doorstep

* Couples Who Kill: “I Killed The Bitch And I Don’t Give A Damn”

* Film Craze Led To Leeds Shooting

* The “Gorilla Killer’s” Reign Of Terror

* The Phantom On Floor 22

* Just How Many Men Did Emma Murder?

* The Lisbon Ripper And The Three Marias

* Torture Box Of The “Iron Curtain” Fiend

* Philadelphia’s Notorious Trunk Murder

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