True Detective January 2021

True Detective January 2021


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Two brutal, senseless and, many would argue, avoidable murders from 40 years ago feature in this month’s edition – one victim was a world-famous musical icon, the other a bright university undergraduate. Both murders shocked Britain to its core.

Former Beatle John Lennon’s slaying at the hands of “deranged fan” Mark Chapman outside the Dakota Building in Manhattan on December 8th, 1980, left millions of his fans reeling, devastated by his sudden, appalling demise aged 40. Lennon’s death, coming so soon after his re-emergence following a musical hiatus, and at the hands of a fame-seeker, seemed particularly cruel. In “The Man Who Killed John Lennon” this issue we recount the full story of Chapman.

Leeds University student Jacqueline Hill’s tragic fate was to be the final victim of the Yorkshire Ripper. Returning to her halls of residence on November 16th, 1980, after a lecture, she was attacked by Peter Sutcliffe who battered and stabbed her to death. She was just 20 years old. Why did the Ripper kill so many? And how was he able to get away with it for so long? These questions are being asked again after Sutcliffe’s recent death. Find some answers in “The Yorkshire Ripper In His Own Words” in this issue.

Finally, to Knoxville, Tennessee, and a modern-day Thanksgiving horror story. The story’s title tells you some of what you need to know: “America’s Most Evil – Lisa’s Head Was Simmering On The Stove”.

Highlights this issue include:

* The Man Who Shot John Lennon

* The Yorkshire Ripper In His Own Words

* America’s Most Evil: Lisa’s Head Was Simmering On The Stove

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: The Fox’s Trail of Terror

* Wandsworth’s Days Of Hanging, Part 4

* Hanged In Australia: Was Martha Evil…Or Innocent?

* “Your Son Is Sentenced To Death”

* Questions & Answers: Beware Of The New Jersey Devil

* Execution USA

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