Master Detective December 2020

Master Detective December 2020


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The name of William Kemmler may not be known to every crime buff, but he was the first to be executed by electrocution in the electric chair. And if some of the witnesses at the event at Auburn Prison, New York State, in 1890 had had their way, he would have been the last, too. Axe-killer Kemmler’s death was a notorious debacle. See this issue’s “Agony Of The First Man In The Electric Chair” for the full story. And if that case whets your appetite, make sure to check out the new Master Detective Winter Special 2020 for more Horror In The Death House…

“Scotland’s Classic Cases” this issue focuses on another controversial execution – exactly 60 years ago. Did killer-robber Anthony Miller deserve to die? Read “When Scotland Executed A Teenager” and let us know…

Highlights this issue include:

* Father And Daughter Killing Team

* European Crime Report: “Forced To Watch Each Other Die, Slice By Slice,” “Emma’s Unwise Investment Ended In Death,” “Paedophile’s ‘Perfect Murder,’” “I Wanted To Kill Someone Like Me”

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: When Scotland Executed A Teenager

* MD Forum: Murder At The Exhibition Site

* A Golden Age…For Murder: Eye-Witness To Norfolk Murder

* How A Beer Mug Solved 40-Year-Old Murder Of Helene, 21

* Agony Of First Man In The Electric Chair

* Killers Released To Kill Again: The Irishman Who Made British Legal History

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