True Detective December 2020


Who killed County Durham housewife Ann Heron? The question has been puzzling investigators for the decades – since her throat was cut by a mystery intruder in the summer of 1990. In 2005 her husband was charged with the crime, but the case fell apart due to lack of evidence and the charge was dropped. Now a new suspect – a known violent criminal – has been named by a private investigator who has been researching the case for the past four years. Could the mystery have finally been solved? And will the clouds of suspicion hanging over Mr. Heron for so many years finally be lifted? See this issue’s “Crimes That Made The Headlines – Will Ann’s Savage Slayer Ever Be Found?” for the full story.

What kind of person would kill their own child for the chance of a life-insurance windfall? Only the very worst, of course. In “America’s Most Evil – How Many More Died At Child-Killer’s Hands?” we meet one such monster: Joaquin Rams. Hera McLeod had met Rams through an online dating site and put her suspicions about him to one side. Their son Prince would tragically fall victim to Rams, but did he also kill his mother and ex-partner too?

Finally, don’t miss “Hanged In Australia – Poisoning Was In Family-Killer’s Blood”, the case of Alexander Lee. For him it was a case of following in his wicked aunt’s footsteps….

Highlights this issue include:

* America’s Most Evil: How Many More Died At Child-Killer’s Hands?

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Will Ann’s Savage Slayer Ever Be Found?

* Questions & Answers: Why Was Sir Eric Slain By American Serviceman?

* Hanged In Australia: Poisoning Was In Family-Killer’s Blood

* Wandsworth’s Days Of Hanging, Part 3

* Who Bumped Off Chicago’s “Labour Racket” Czar?

* Alexa’s Lethal Flatmate “Did Cocaine With The Devil”

* Irish Classic: Why The Butler Killed The Maid

* Execution USA

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