True Detective December 2023

True Detective December 2023


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Mothers and daughters feature twice in this month’s edition of TD – and the contrast between the two cases could not be starker. What unites them, however, other than the geographical setting of the United States, is a sense that the bond between each pair must have been incredibly deep.

“America’s Most Evil – Lorraine and Kristie Watch Killer Die In Electric Chair” takes us to the Virginia of 2010 and the execution of child-killing rapist Paul Warner Powell. Mother and daughter Lorraine Whoberry and Kristie Reed were both there to witness it. Lorraine had forgiven Powell, who had murdered her eldest daughter Stacie, 16, and raped and slashed the throat of Kristie in the horrific attack years earlier. But she felt she had to support her surviving daughter, whose life had never been the same since, in her desire to see her would-be killer executed.

Missouri mother and daughter Diane and Rachel Staudte supported each other too – but their joint endeavour was a campaign of poisoning which claimed the lives of Diane’s husband Mark and her son Shaun. Daughter Sarah survived to tell the tale… See “Questions & Answers: The Mother And Daughter Slayers” in this packed issue.

Finally, don’t miss “Crimes That Made The Headlines – How Bite-Mark Caught Naomi’s Savage Killer”. Skilled work by a forensic odontologist proved crucial.

Highlights this issue include:

* Lawyer “Murdered His Mom To Avoid Prison”
* Crimes That Made The Headlines: How Bite-Mark Caught Naomi’s Savage Killer
* America’s Most Evil: Lorraine And Kristie Watch Killer Die In Electric Chair
* Execution USA
* Questions & Answers: The Mother And Daughter Slayers
* Hanged In Australia: Killing Of A Kindly Camel Dealer
* Did O’Rourke The Wife-Beater Deserve To Hang?
* The Case Of The Disappearing Car
* Wanted On Two Continents
* Death In The Line Of Duty: Part 12

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