Master Detective November 2023

Master Detective November 2023


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Family life came to an abrupt end at a household in Iowa City in March 2008 when former banker Steven Sueppel murdered his wife and four adopted children before setting out to end his own life. “MD Forum: From Family Man To Family Massacre”, a case requested by a reader, recounts the events of that shocking day. Coincidentally, this issue’s opening case report, “From Family Feud To Dead On The Bathroom Floor”, takes us to Quincy, west of Iowa City, and a more recent case of marriage, impending divorce and murder.

Elsewhere, we visit Whitechapel, east London, twice: first for “The Whitechapel Murders: Bloodbath In Dorset Street” – and the Ripper’s notorious mutilation-killing of Mary Jane Kelly – and secondly for “Whitechapel’s Tom Thumb Killer”. More than 50 years had passed since the Ripper’s 1888 reign of terror but, all those years later, the area remained a killing ground…

Highlights this issue include:

* From Family Feud To Dead On The Bathroom Floor
* European Crime Report: “‘The Boy Who Liked To Dissect Live Frogs,” “The Man Who Killed Wives,” “Don’t Go Down The Basement, Children”
* “Nellie’s Killing Was Only A Joke”
* The Whitechapel Murders: Bloodbath In Dorset Street
* International Casebook Of Women Executed For Their Crimes: Eight Killed As Olga Takes Revenge On Society
* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Why They Hanged Glasgow Girl Susan
* His Death Was In The Cards
* MD Forum: From Family Man To Family Massacre
* Whitechapel’s Tom Thumb Killer
* “I Want My Husband Murdered”

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