Murder Most Foul No. 130

Murder Most Foul No. 130


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He was seen by many as the leader of the free world and the living embodiment of the hopes and dreams of millions of people. No surprise, then, that when the life of President John F. Kennedy – JFK – came to a sudden, bloody end 60 years ago, in November 1963, the world was left reeling. All these decades later, questions remain about the charismatic young President’s assassination. Was the Mafia involved? To mark the anniversary of his death, we present a special report: “The Last Word On Who Killed Kennedy?”

“They showed him no mercy. They left him to die in an alley,” said the wife of murder victim Troy LaFerrara. Troy was killed by newlyweds Miranda and Elytte Barbour, in a case that must be read to be believed. See this issue’s “The Couple Who Killed To Celebrate Their Wedding”. The case is one of two killing couple cases in this issue. Don’t miss our bumper, double-length account of “The Killing Career Of Bonnie And Clyde”, also in this issue.

Finally, we look at how Suffolk Strangler Steve Wright became “A Killing Machine”…

Highlights this issue include:

* The Last Word On Who Killed Kennedy?
* Murder Strikes Twice In Fulham’s “Acid Bath” Road
* ”So Much Blood…So Much Blood”
* When Death Came Calling For Rosemarie
* Couples Who Kill: The Couple Who Killed To Celebrate Their Wedding
* Melbourne’s “Poor Little Rich Kid” Murders
* “Have The Guns At Six – One Of Them Post Offices Has Got To Go Up”
* A Killing Machine
* Serial Killer With A Large Brick Oven
* The Killing Career Of Bonnie And Clyde
* Murder In The Kent Woods

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