Master Detective October 2023

Master Detective October 2023


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This issue we reach part 6 of Matthew Spicer’s ground-breaking Whitechapel Murders casebook, with perhaps the most shocking case so far. The brutal evisceration of Catherine Eddowes would have been horrifying enough on its own, but the fact that it was the second attack in one night by the man soon to be known as Jack the Ripper made it seem far, far worse.

We’ve two modern serial killer sagas for you this month too. From the USA comes the lengthy killing history of Joel Rifkin, who to this day remains a suspect in numerous unsolved murders. Then there’s the equally ghastly tale of Donato Bilancia, thought to be Italy’s most prolific serial killer.

And that’s just the tip of this issue’s iceberg-sized helping of must-read crime stories, all of them true…

Highlights this issue include:

* The Stepmother From Hell
* European Crime Report: “Murder On The Hamburg Express,” “Nurse ‘Talked Boyfriend Into Killing,’” “Sex-Worker, Bound And Beaten, Found Dead In Locked Room”
* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Sympathy For A Wife-Killer
* “He Was Just A Nerdy Guy”
* The Whitechapel Murders: Two Women Butchered In One Night
* Eighteen Victims For The Terminator
* MD Forum: Evil Couple Killed Auntie Ivy For Her Money
* International Casebook Of Women Executed For Their Crimes: Why Louisa Was Tried Four Times For Murder
* Kimberly – The “Insatiable Black Widow”

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