Master Detective January 2024 – Final Issue Available!

Master Detective January 2024 – Final Issue Available!


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The babbling woman who’d emerged from the woods in Lerona, West Virginia, had been bloodied and carrying a knife. She could have been drunk or on drugs. Or maybe both. Police didn’t quite know what to make of her – until, later the same day, reports of a homicide in the area emerged. See “When Sex Leads To Decapitation” in this issue for the full story.

“Scotland’s Baffling Templeton Woods Murders”, requested by a reader, investigates the unsolved killings of Carol Lannen and Elizabeth McCabe. Don’t miss it.

Larry Williams produced some of the greatest rock’n’roll numbers. But was his sudden death, aged 44, suicide or murder? Find out in this issue’s “Music & Murder: Life and Death of Rock’s Original ‘Bad Boy’”

Highlights this issue include:

* When Sex Leads To Decapitation
* European Crime Report: “Poland’s Perverted Double-Killer,” “Who Threw Helena From The Top Of The Roof?”
* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Scotland’s Baffling Templeton Woods Murders
* The Whitechapel Murders: The Body Under The Van
* Passion, Jealousy And Murder In The Shaftesbury Hotel
* International Casebook Of Women Executed For Their Crimes: Fiancé’s Murder Put Grete On The Guillotine
* MD Forum: When The Hangmen Had A Punch-Up
* Did Jeffrey Murder His Mother?
* Six-Time Killer With A Lethal Needle
* Music & Murder: Life And Death Of Rock’s Original “Bad Boy”

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