Master Detective September 2020

Master Detective September 2020


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What kind of mother murders her own grown-up son – and then dismembers the body? Such cases are extremely rare in the annals of crime but Donna Scrivo did just that to Ramsay. What were the factors that turned the widowed Michigan nurse and mother-of-two into the star of her very own horror show? Find out in “Killer Mom Chopped Up Her Son” in this issue.

He had shot dead his girlfriend in 1963 and been jailed for murder. But by March 1970 underworld figure Norman Parker was a free man – and about to claim his second victim. What happened? See this issue’s “Killers Released To Kill Again – The Antique Box, The Business Card…And The Murdered Gangster” for the full story.

Highlights this issue include:

* Killer Mom Chopped Up Her Son

* European Crime Report: “Partners In Crime,” “A European George Floyd?,” “Naked In The Street – With Her Daughter’s Head In A Bag,” “Neo-Nazi Regrets: ‘Sorry I Didn’t Kill More’”

* Death Comes To Gunman Who Killed For Kicks

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: The Last Man Hanged In Edinburgh

* A Mind For Murder

* MD Forum: “Did I Kill Nellie? I Just Don’t Know”

* “Get Rid Of Your Girlfriend – Or I’m Building A Snowman”

* Killers Released To Kill Again: The Antique Box, The Business Card… And The Murdered Gangster

* Black August

* Horror Slaying Of The “Silk Stocking Girl”

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