Master Detective Winter Special 2023


Astonishing tales of homicide among the stars of rock, pop, country, blues, jazz…and more!

Highlights of this special issue include:

* Marvin Gaye: Why Motown Star Was Gunned Down
* Why Telstar’s Mad Genius Turned Killer
* Who Killed Hendrix?
* The Mysterious Death Of Sam Cooke
* The Crazy Motive Of A Pop Star’s Killer
* Altamont: Murder While The Band Played On
* Bebop Murder In Birdland
* The Strange Death Of Bobby Fuller
* The Man Who Shot John Lennon
* Mia’s Song Was Silenced
* Who Shot “Michigan’s Own Elvis?”
* Who Drowned The Rolling Stone?
* “I’m Gonna Murder My Baby”
* Poison Ivy: Hollywood’s Record Label Shooting
* The Killing That Put Pop’s Mad Genius In Jail
* The Killer King Of Western Swing


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