True Detective Winter Special 2020

True Detective Winter Special 2020


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Don’t miss this hand-picked collection of cases from earlier issues of True Detective and its sister magazines Master Detective, True Crime and Murder Most Foul – a concentrated dose of the best non-fiction murder stories from across the world.

Highlights include:

* Royal Pilot Was Cross-Dressing Torture Killer?

* Gravedigger Murdered Wife And Buried Her In His Cemetery

* Catching The Rochdale Ripper

* Jailed For Killing Teenager…44 Years Ago

* The Most Hated Woman In Ireland

* 21 Die In McDonald’s Massacre

* The Fiend Of The Gorbals

* TV Cop Murders Wife In Front Of Young Sons

* Ada Was Hanged With Her Lover

* Bloodbath On A Kent Holiday Beach

* “Tiger Woman” Hammered Her Love Rival To Death

* Killer Owns Up After 25 Years

* Was He Killed By A Gun Or A Sword…And Would Forensic Evidence Save A Man From The Gallows?

* No Reprieve For Burnley’s Christmas Strangler

* The Hangman’s Final Victim

* “Don’t Push My Buttons!”

* Cocky Cape Killer Taunted Victims’ Families

* “Ireland’s Only Known Serial Killer” – Amok In London

* “Secret Lover” Was Christa’s Killer

* She Was The Mother-In-Law From Hell But…Did Elisabeth Hire A Hit-Man?

* Murder At Preston’s Kendal Castle

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