British Murders That Shocked The World

British Murders That Shocked The World


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Brace yourself for the in-depth stories of some of Britain’s most notorious and depraved killers… plus others, just as horrific, you may never have heard of before. They all have one thing in common – their murderous crimes sent shockwaves around the world…

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What makes a murder echo around the world?

This bumper collection of true stories has some of the answers: Brutality. Cunning. Sheer heartlessness. Greed. Even incompetence.

You’ll find all those factors in these 20 intriguing case reports featuring psychopaths, serial killers and killer couples; a deadly doctor and a nefarious nurse; sex-killers, cop-killers and paedophiles; conspiracy theories and missing bodies; lone wolves and a Black Panther…

They may have been Britain’s worst – but these killers would have become infamous no matter where in the world they chose to ply their grisly trade:

20 Chilling Cases Include:

Peter Sutcliffe – Reign Of Terror

Peter Moore – When Mother Died It Was Time For Murder

Carole and Michael Hanson – Perverted Couple’s Sex Games Led To Murder

Michael Sams – “You’re Enjoying This, Aren’t You, Mr. Sams?”

Edward Crowley – Released on Bail To “Sacrifice” Boy

Harold Shipman – The Doctor Was A Murder Machine

Christopher Hunnisett – Vicar’s Mutilator Kills Again

Donald Neilson – Death Comes To The Black Panther

Colin Ireland – The Man Who Killed To Be Famous

Hilda Murrell – Who Really Killed Hilda Murrell?

Ian Simms – Merseyside’s History-Making Conviction

Beverley Allitt – Murder On Ward 4

David Smith – Confrontation With A Killer

Arthur and Nizamodeen Hosein – Wrong Victim Kidnap Horror

Barry Prudom – Three Die In Yorkshire’s SAS Murder Hunt

David Lashley – The Janie Shepherd Killing

Frederick Sewell – Murder Behind Blackpool’s Golden Mile

Howard Hughes – “I Am Not Sophie’s Killer”

John Taylor – A Catalogue Of Rape And Murder

Myra Hindley and Ian Brady – The Moors Murders

Their true stories will shock and even frighten – but at the end you’ll know more about the twisted workings of the murderous mind…

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