True Detective Summer Special 2015


True Detective Summer Special 2015: Riddled with remarkable reports and cautionary cases from the British Isles and around the world, our seasonal special packs in a spectacular 20 stories from the pages of True Detective, Master Detective, True Crime and Murder Most Foul:

* Baptist preacher “took pleasure in killing his wife”
* Shocking crimes of the Yorkshire Ripper
* End of the road for the homicidal hitchhiker
* Sex, bread and jam and murder
* His best friends became his killers
* Horror in his snuff movie studio
* The horror of Liverpool’s “bloodless corpse”
* Until death us do part
* Killing couple caught by camera
* The maids of horror
* Everett’s final curtain
* The “Last Of The Summer Wine” murder
* The return of the New Jersey Ripper
* Who killed the cabbie who “wouldn’t hurt a fly?”
* Madness and murder in the Beat Generation
* County Wexford’s caravan murder
* Four accused of murder by starvation
* Was Pamela snatched by white slave traders?
* The road to Dachau
* Driven by the devil
* PLUS more features inside!

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