What Makes Women Kill?

What Makes Women Kill?


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They shoot, they stab, they poison, they strangle, they drug, they bludgeon, they behead… But why? Their motives are almost as numerous as their methods. Within these pages you’ll learn what goes on in the mind, soul and body of a woman who can commit the act of MURDER.

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Get inside the minds of killer women in this mega-collection of 33 revealing true crime stories.

Featuring these full-length case reports:

* Katherine Knight: Katherine Skinned And Cooked Her Lover

* Anna Hahn: Anna Wanted Sex With Daddy

* Aileen Wuornos: Why They Executed Aileen

* Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh: Women Jailed For Murdering Love Rival

* Martha Beck: “I Want To Be Loved”

* Joanna Dennehy: Serial Killer’s Lust For Death

* Bonnie Heady: Bonnie’s Kiss Of Death

* Linda May Burnett: Linda’s Horrific Story Of Murder

* Melanie McGuire: Did Nurse Melanie Kill And Dismember Husband Bill?

* Omaima Nelson: Omaima The Cannibal

* Catherine Pileggi: “I Closed My Eyes And Pulled The Trigger”

* Bernardine Arnett: Why Bernardine Rang The Sun

* Lynda Lyon Block: The Shocking Crime That Sent Lynda To The Electric Chair

* Cordelia Botkin: Cordelia’s Murder Scheme

* Susan Monica: Susan Fed Her Victims To The Pigs

* Jane Toppan: “I Want To Kill More People Than Any Other Woman”

* Estibaliz Carranza: Ice Cream Lady Cut Up And Buried Her Men In Cement

* Martha Wise: What Made Martha Kill?

* Jemma Lilley and Trudi Lenon: Australia’s Bucket List Killers

* Dena Thompson: Husband Killed With A Poisoned Curry

* Louisa Merrifield: “The Old Lady Has Died And Left Me Her Bungalow Worth £3,000”

* Ashley Barber and Jade Olmstead: Revenge Of The Lesbian Lovers

* Hilda Blake: Hilda’s Motive?

Plus capsule case histories of:

* Karla Homolka * Rena Salmon * Tracie Andrews * Jane Andrews * Heather Stephenson-Snell * Karla Tucker * Carol Bundy * Maria Hnatiuk * Deborah Winzar * Jean Daddow

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