True Detective Spring Special 2015

True Detective Spring Special 2015


True Crime stories from around the world

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This collection of cases from the pages of True Detective, Master Detective, True Crime and Murder Most Foul brings you a concentrated dose of the best stories from across the world, reporting many aspects of murder. It all adds up to a fascinating cocktail of true crime

* Cross-dressing sex fiend caged for Vikki’s murder
A convicted sex-offender had breached his home detention curfew two days before the body of a 20-year-old was discovered

* Murder of a rock queen
Linda Stein went too far with one of her staff who snapped…

* The Somerset axe murders
Was unpaid rent really the motive behind three grisly deaths?

* The cop who thought he’d got away with murder
A young state trooper went to discuss his pending divorce with his wife and took a gun and a bottle of whisky to the meeting

* Why Telstar’s mad genius turned killer
Britain’s first independent pop record producer’s private life was a tortured tangle of violence, sex, drugs, gangsters, the occult and, eventually, violent death

* Victim’s severed head was placed on TV set
One nurse was decapitated and another had her throat slit at a French psychiatric hospital

* The mystery of the boy in the box
A case that baffled some of the best criminal minds for decades…

* Killer on the road to Horsham
A heavily pregnant 18-year-old was repeatedly stabbed in an unprovoked attack

* “I am a monster”
Self-confessed predator Rex Krebs’ chilling testimony of his shocking crimes

* Death dream
A weird case from Oxford

* Predators
Two men teamed up to turn their ultimate sadomasochistic fantasies into reality

* Hampshire’s blackcurrant bush murders
The horticultural argument that led to a family massacre

* The mad professor who liked to blow people up
The longest and most expensive manhunt in American history was over when the “Unabomber” was finally captured

* Wife murdered over a game of bridge
Carole Green became a target for her husband’s drunken outbursts at a bridge club in Lancashire

* How Stacey’s third murder went wrong
Detectives became suspicious after David Castor died from a “self-administered” lethal dose of antifreeze

* The scalped, dismembered body on the beach
In an attempt to hide her identity, the young woman had been scalped and her eyebrows cut off

* “We’ve executed the wrong man”
A man saw his look-alike relative stab a woman to death. Horrified, he ran for his life but the police caught him, charged him with the murder, and he was executed by lethal injection!

* The man who liked to kill his friends
Henry Louis Wallace broke the mould of serial killers by choosing victims he knew

* Irish policeman hanged for murder
A magistrate was killed at his farm in County Wicklow

* Why dad murdered his son
Naked, kneeling and shaking with fear, a 15-year-old boy begged for his life

* PLUS! Much more inside

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