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    What Makes Women Kill?

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    They shoot, they stab, they poison, they strangle, they drug, they bludgeon, they behead… But why? Their motives are almost as numerous as their methods. Within these pages you’ll learn what goes on in the mind, soul and body of a woman who can commit the act of MURDER.

  • Women On Death Row 2

    This brand-new sequel to True Crime Library¹s riveting bestseller Women on Death Row tells the astonishing stories of the women executed in America since our first volume was published ­ plus a great deal more

  • True Detective November 2007

    Roger Zygmunt de la Burde felt himself ageing, bad news for a serial philanderer. His hair transplant hadn’t really worked, the skin under his chin sagged, he suffered from insomnia, heart pains, high blood pressure and impotence. And recently he had disc

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