Murder Most Foul No. 118


When the yacht Mignonette was shipwrecked on a doomed journey to Sydney, the crew were left stranded hundreds of miles from dry land in a flimsy lifeboat with little food and no fresh water. How could they possibly survive? Before long the idea of drawing lots to choose a sacrificial victim for food was being mooted among the crew members. But when teenager Richard Parker’s health began to fail, Captain Thomas Dudley took matters into his own hands. Was necessity a defence for a cannibal murder? Read “The Day They Ate The Cabin-Boy” and decide for yourself.

Dallas hair stylist Christopher Colbert was only too happy to take up the offer of rent-free accommodation in the home of older oddball acquaintance Ronald Shumway. Colbert’s life had been spiralling out of control and the offer seemed to be the perfect solution to his financial woes. But on the night of Shumway’s birthday in April 2015, Colbert turned killer, with a plan to get his hands on Shumway’s property and identity. This issue’s “Deadly Hairdresser Buried Bus Driver In Concrete” has the full story.

“Unsolved: Cardiff’s Curious Case Of The Redhead And The Silent Murder” in this issue takes us back to the 1930s and a case that continues to intrigue. Married grocer Stephen Gilbert’s life had many secrets. Could these explain his violent death?

Highlights this issue include:

* What Happened To Peter Falconio?

* Couples Who Kill: Evil Plot To Kill Their Insurance Man

* Anna’s Two Long Years In The Shadow Of The Electric Chair

* Death Wasn’t Enough

* Beheaded In The Bath

* The Day They Ate The Cabin-Boy

* Deadly Hairdresser Buried Bus Driver In Concrete

* Death Sentence For Sydney’s Killer Hold-Up Man

* Horror Of The Anglesey Crossbow Killing

* Eva, The Mail Order Murderer

* Riddle Of The Three Graves

* Eight Victims (At Least) For The Austrian Bluebeard

* Unsolved: The Redhead And The Silent Murder

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