Michele MacNeill lay face down in her bath.

She was wearing a black T-shirt, bandages swathed her head, and her skin looked greenish in the cold brown water.

Bursting into the bathroom, her little daughter shouted: “Mommy! We’re home! Are you feeling better? Can we have burgers for lunch?”

She was still screaming when her father pounded upstairs to see what was happening.

As soon as he saw his wife, he shouted at the terrified child: “Go and get the neighbours! Tell them to call for help!”

When paramedics arrived, they found him pacing round the room scolding his dead wife for having the cosmetic surgery that had caused her collapse, and railing against God for letting her die.

He even offered one paramedic $10,000 to keep trying to resuscitate her when she was clearly dead.

The medic knew Martin MacNeill was a doctor, and thought it was very odd behaviour…