Master Detective Winter Special 2020


How does it feel to walk the last mile and take your seat in the electric chair? You’ll probably never find out in person – but this bumper collection of Death Row stories will give you a pretty good idea. With eye-witness reports from inside the death chamber, and full case reports on the crimes that put these killers there, you’ve hours of chilling reading in store…

Highlights include:

* Too Fat To Fry?

* Who’s Afraid Of The Electric Chair?”

* Eva Coo And The Haunted House Murder

* How Killers Die

* Electrocuted Twice: Horrific Case Of The Man Who Would Not Die

* “I Saw Ruth Snyder And Judd Gray Die In The Chair”

* Seven Electrocutions In One Day

* “An Awful Spectacle, Far Worse Than Hanging”

* The Day They Decapitated Eva

* The Man In The Electric Chair

* The First Woman To Die In The Electric Chair

* “Smoke Streamed From The Mask Followed By Sparks And Flames”

* “I Watched 117 Men Die In The Electric Chair”

* Twenty-Four Hours From Death In The Electric Chair

* Riot On Death Row

* “Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt”

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