Gone But Not Forgotten

Jacqueline Palmer-Radford

According to their neighbours in Eversley, Hampshire, the Palmer-Radford family were “somewhat secretive.” There was certainly something odd about the murder on Wednesday, April 1st, 1992, of Jacqueline Palmer-Radford, 40, who was separated from her husband and lived with her two sons. Her body was found by one of her sons when he came home

Molly Willmore

They called her the “cat woman” because she lived as a semi-recluse with only her cats for company. But someone thought 74-year-old Molly Willmore had plenty of cash and other valuables, and on Easter Monday, April 4th, 1983, one or more burglars broke into her home, in Boundary Road, Taplow, Bucks, and demanded her hidden

Margaret Ellen Nally

A mystery man was known to be hanging around London railway stations offering sweets to little girls to “accompany” him. Was he the killer of seven-year-old Margaret Nally? The little girl’s body was found around midnight on Sunday, April 4th, 1915, by a railway inspector in the ladies’ waiting-room at Aldersgate station. She had been

Thomas Thomas

Walking past the Star Supply Stores in Garnant, Carmarthenshire, at 10.15 p.m. on Saturday, February 12th, 1921, Mrs. Diana Bowen heard “a scream and a thud,” but thought it was just an accident inside the shop. Next morning police discovered the body of Thomas Thomas, 44, the manager. He had suffered horrific head, throat and

Martha Giles

When Nurse Martha Giles, 45, was found stabbed and battered to death in the grounds of Wolverhampton Hospital on Thursday, February 12th, 1959, police arrested a suspect primarily because there was blood on his clothing. He was Dr. Ravindranath Bhonsle, 31, an Indian specialist at the hospital. But, said the defence at Dr. Bhonsle’s trial

Kate Jackson

Although she was married to a fishmonger, Kate Jackson lived the life of Riley at her bungalow in Limeslade, near Swansea. In 1929, when £4 a week was a working man’s salary, she would spend several pounds on flowers for table decoration in a single day. Her clothes bill was sky-high and she would dispense

Charles Walton

Even today at the village of Lower Quinton in Warwickshire they’ll tell you that Charles Walton, a 74-year-old local hedger, was killed by witchcraft. The year was 1945, when most people would think witches were long gone. A search party went looking for Charles when he didn’t come home from a hedging job on Wednesday,

Harry Barham

One way to settle large outstanding debts is to start making money quickly to pay them off. That’s what bookmaker Harry Barham, 52, did. He was due to appear at the Old Bailey on a charge of evading £160,000 tax, and he was anticipating a fine on top of that. In an attempt to recoup

Emma Sherriff

Her battered body was found by a school party walking along the Southbourne cliffs near Bournemouth. She was lying face down in a sandy hollow, two handkerchiefs jammed into her mouth, brutally strangled by someone she must have known well enough not to be afraid of. She was Emma Sherriff, and she had been seen

Albert Porter

A man in Belfast Prison told police that the axeman who killed Albert Porter, 54, in Milton Street, Burnley, Lancashire, on Monday, February 18th, 1963, was the dead man’s son-in-law, Adrian Ayres. Quite why was difficult to say, since the judge at the Lancaster Assizes trial of the unfortunate Mr. Ayres had to tell the

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