According to their neighbours in Eversley, Hampshire, the Palmer-Radford family were “somewhat secretive.” There was certainly something odd about the murder on Wednesday, April 1st, 1992, of Jacqueline Palmer-Radford, 40, who was separated from her husband and lived with her two sons.

Her body was found by one of her sons when he came home from school. She was lying on the kitchen floor of her large detached house. She had been raped and strangled – and yet she was fully clothed in a smart suit.

That seemed to suggest she was attacked by someone she knew. There was no sign of a struggle in the house, so either her attacker re-dressed her after raping her, or raped her and then strangled her when she threatened to tell.

As often happens, the husband was an immediate suspect, but Aldershot Police were satisfied with his alibi and released him.