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    The Saturday Night Slayer
    (True Crime October 2016)

    It is September 1973, and the Top Rank nightclub in Swansea is packed. In the middle of the dance floor, bopping to Marc Bolan, are 16-year-old Geraldine Hughes and her best mate Pauline Floyd. Coloured spotlights, miniskirts, vodka and lime, loons, feather haircuts and crippling knee-high platform boots are “in.” No one in Swansea, or the world for that matter, has heard of the words “serial killer” or “sexual predator.” even though there was just such a killer here tonight, hidden among the dancers, with his shoulder-length hair and sideburns, indistinguishable from all the other would-be male suitors. Tonight he will kill again, twice. Perhaps he has already picked them out, bubbly Geraldine with her… more »

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    900 Die In Jungle Slaughter
    (Master Detective October 2016)

    At the US Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana, a shocked consul could hardly believe the frightened woman’s story. She was Deborah Blakey, from San Francisco, she told him, and she was on the run from Jonestown, the jungle settlement established by the Reverend Jim Jones for his People’s Temple Christian Church. Why was she fleeing? She said that Jones, the cult’s charismatic leader, was grooming his church’s one thousand members to commit what he called “revolutionary suicide.” Tearfully, she went on to tell how a fortnight earlier, on April 13th, 1978 – a year after Jones had moved his sect from California to the South American jungle – he had called his followers to a meeting.… more »

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    Abduction, Murder, Rape And Uproar – The James Hanratty Affair
    (True Detective October 2016)

    Under cross-examination in the witness-box James Hanratty scornfully dismissed his accusers. “Are you trying to suggest to this court that I went out on August 22nd to do a stick-up with a gun? Is that what you are trying to say?” he demanded. “It is indeed.” “Well, is it not quite obvious that if I did, I would not be looking for a car in a cornfield? I would be looking for some cash, a bank or a shop or something. If I was a stick-up man, I would not bother dyeing my hair. I would wear a mask of some kind because it is not your hair you have to worry about, it is… more »

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    Diane The She-Devil
    (Murder Most Foul No. 101)

    According to the prosecutor, shortly after midnight 16-year-old Adrianne sneaked out of her home while her parents were asleep. David Graham picked her up in Diane Zamora’s hatchback car. With Adrianne and Graham in the front and Diane hidden in the back, they drove to a secluded area near the lake and parked. Adrianne started undressing. Before the first button was undone Diane jumped up like an unleashed spring and lashed out at Adrianne for seducing her fiancé. The two girls began pulling each other’s hair and screaming curses with David in the middle. Diane slammed a barbell over the younger girl’s head. Blood gushed. The prosecutor played an excerpt from Graham’s taped confession: “Adrianne… more »

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