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    In The Footsteps Of Jack The Ripper
    (Master Detective September 2016)

    Today Dorset Street, reputed in its time to have been the worst street in London, is called Duval Street and all traces of its gory past have long since gone. Gone, too, is the triple-murder house, Miller’s Court. It was on November 8th, 1888, in Room 13 of that house of sordid sin that the tenant, Mary Jane Kelly, became Jack the Ripper’s fifth, possibly last, victim. She paid four shillings and sixpence a week rent for her tiny room, where she took the occasional client. Here on that glacial winter’s night she met the notorious Whitechapel killer and what he did to her defies all logical explanation. When the Ripper arrived at Room 13,… more »

  • 380 zelich TD Sept 500px

    Killer Cop Needed More Space To Store Bodies
    (True Detective September 2016)

    Jenny Gamez was only 16 when she first met Steve Zelich on a BDSM website. Petite and doll-like, she was a bright but mixed-up kid still grieving for the baby son she’d recently given up for adoption. After exchanging messages for six months, she and Steve reconnected two years later, shortly after she’d landed a place at a community college in Oregon. Despite the difference in their ages, 52-year-old Zelich persuaded her to come and live with him in Milwaukee. She texted friends to say she was ditching the college place and moving states to learn welding. Zelich told her to cut off all her old contacts and make it a new beginning. She agreed… more »

  • 379 diane MMF101 i 500px

    Diane The She-Devil
    (Murder Most Foul No. 101)

    According to the prosecutor, shortly after midnight 16-year-old Adrianne sneaked out of her home while her parents were asleep. David Graham picked her up in Diane Zamora’s hatchback car. With Adrianne and Graham in the front and Diane hidden in the back, they drove to a secluded area near the lake and parked. Adrianne started undressing. Before the first button was undone Diane jumped up like an unleashed spring and lashed out at Adrianne for seducing her fiancé. The two girls began pulling each other’s hair and screaming curses with David in the middle. Diane slammed a barbell over the younger girl’s head. Blood gushed. The prosecutor played an excerpt from Graham’s taped confession: “Adrianne… more »

  • 379 capone boys TC AUG 500px

    Al Capone’s Homicide Squad
    (True Crime August 2016)

    John Scalise and Albert Anselmi had entered the United States illegally in September, 1924. Both had long prison records in Italy and were fugitives from the Sicilian police, after a warrant had been issued charging them with attempted murder and operating with a band of outlaws. After arriving in Chicago, they teamed up with the Genna brothers who, like Anselmi, came from the Sicilian seaport of Marsala. Scalise had come from the nearby town of Castelvertrano. They made a strange pair. Anselmi, who spoke little, was short, fat and balding. The more boastful Scalise was tall, thin, with an ugly cast to his right eye that gave him a truly sinister appearance. They also imported… more »

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