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    60-Year Sentence For Black Widow Susan
    (Murder Most Foul No. 102)

    Before Susan left that day she took the gun and put it in the glove compartment of her car. Then she cooked her children their dinner and put them to bed. She left for her sister’s at about nine. James had been working late in the office. When he came home Susan was just leaving. They waved to each other and James went inside, checked on the kids, fixed himself dinner, watched a TV programme and then went to bed. At around one the next morning Susan drove back to her home and let herself in. She left the car round the block in a side alley. Quietly, she walked up the stairs to the… more »

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    Mum Turned Her Kids Into Killers
    (True Detective January 2017)

    The family lived in Peoria, a respectable suburb of Phoenix, noted for its low crime levels. Steven Gibson Sr. ran a machine shop and Michelle was training to be a nurse. Seventeen-year-old Alysa and her brother Steven Jr., 16, attended the local Centennial High School. The marriage had begun to founder after Steven became addicted to painkillers following an accident at work. Police had been called to the house several times after reports of domestic abuse, but Michelle always refused to press charges. In the event of Steven’s death, she stood to gain sizeable life insurance, so her motives for killing him seem to have been money, sex and revenge. But how she managed to… more »

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    Why Christy Gunned Down Her Daughters
    (True Crime December 2016)

    The argument had been festering for some time when the meeting was called. Jason and Christy Sheats had argued earlier in the day. He had told her to shoot herself and do her family a favour. She had replied enigmatically, “No, that’s not what this is about, this is about punishing you.” Finally, although they had recently been reconciled after a breakup, Jason now said he wanted a divorce. “This is the last birthday you’re going to ruin,” he said. Jason turned up in the evening expecting to discuss the state of their marriage with Christy and his daughters. It was his birthday but what he didn’t know was that Christy had planned a horrible… more »

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    TV Cop Murders Wife In Front Of Young Sons
    (Master Detective December 2016)

    Best known for his role in the award-winning TV police drama The Shield, Michael Jace had been a film and television actor for 22 years when his world fell apart on a warm spring evening in May 2014. His career had been drifting for a while, and though his CV included parts in CSI, The Mentalist, NYPD Blue, Forrest Gump, Boogie Nights, Planet of the Apes and Russell Crowe’s film State of Play, it wasn’t impressing a new generation of directors. The situation had taken its toll on his second marriage to April Henry, an international gold medal sprinter ranked fifth in American athletics, and financial problems threatened the detached family home in Los Angeles’s… more »

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