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What is the name of the Whitechapel pub where Ronnie Kray shot and murdered George Cornell On March 9th, 1966?
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True CrimeCannibal Killer Sent Body Parts In The Post
The first ghastly parcel was delivered to Canada’s Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa on May 29th, 2012. Foul-smelling and bloodstained, it contained a man’s left foot. A note with it said the foot was one of six body parts being distributed, and that the killer would slay again.
On the same day a man’s left hand was found in a package at a Montreal postal sorting office. The parcel was addressed to the Canadian Liberal Party’s head office.
Shortly afterwards, a caretaker discovered a decomposing torso in a suitcase left in a pile of rubbish behind a Montreal apartment block. The next day, May 30th, the authorities confirmed that the foot, hand and torso belonged to the same man, and on June 1st he was identified as Jun Lin, a 33-year-old Chinese student who had been studying in Montreal.
He was known to have been in a relationship with Luka Rocco Magnotta, a 29-year-old gay Canadian porn actor, and he had disappeared on May 24th.
On the 25th a snuff video titled One Lunatic One Ice Pick had been posted on a Canadian website. It showed a naked Asian man, believed to be Jun Lin, tied to a metal bed frame. He was being stabbed with an ice pick by a man believed to be Magnotta, who revealed that he had slashed the victim’s throat.
The video then showed the killer performing sexual acts with the corpse before decapitating and dismembering it. He also appeared to eat some of the flesh, using a knife and fork. Read the full horrific report in True Crime May – out now! more »
Master DetectiveThree-In-A-Bed Sex Led To New Forest Murder
It was hot, the bedroom had no window, and the lodger was drifting restlessly between wakefulness and light-headed sleep when he felt a soft hand at his side. Suddenly in the darkness he was alert, tense. It was the landlady. She was sitting on his double bed, crying.
“What’s wrong, Mrs. Leakey?” he whispered.
“Oh, Albert, I’ve been so miserable. My husband treats me like a beast. We haven’t slept together for years. Oh, please, hold me in your arms for just a moment!”
Before he could reply she slipped under the sheet behind him and was clutching him around his bare shoulders.
In the summer of 1956 Albert Goozee was a healthy, hard-muscled 33-year-old and Mrs. Lydia Leakey was over 50. But he was aware at once that she was warm and softly curved under her nightgown. And he had already admitted to himself that she had a certain carnal radiance which he had found immediately appealing when, two weeks ago, he moved into her room-for-let in Parkstone, Poole.
The problem was Norma, the 13-year-old daughter who slept in the front room with her mother – Albert’s tiny room was between the front and back bedrooms. Norma was sure to find out. It was too risky.
“You’d better go back to Norma,” he whispered.
Too late. She had already slipped off her nightgown. Already he felt her warm flesh press down on him. His muscles tightened as he enveloped her softness in his arms.
Seconds after they made violent love Goozee turned his head and saw a shape framed in the shadows beyond the open doorway. It was Norma…You can read the whole case in Master Detective June – out nowmore »
True Detective“I Have A Problem...I’m A Cannibal”
For California Highway Patrolman Randy Newton, the bizarre occurrence had begun as a routine arrest. Patrolling on the highway, he spotted a newish Opel ahead of him which fitted the description of a car involved in a minor hit-and-run collision some 20 miles from Big Sur, California.
Pulling the car over, he noted the two long-haired young men inside. Neither of the occupants could produce satisfactory proof of ownership of the car. Suspecting that the Opel was stolen, Newton took the men into custody.
Suddenly, the man who’d told Newton that his name was Stanley Dean Baker, 22, turned to the officer and blurted out: “I have a problem…I’m a cannibal!”
Newton looked at the bearded man incredulously, thinking, at first, that the confession was merely the insane product of a drug-maddened mind.
But when the two men – Baker and his 20-year-old companion, Harry Allen Stroup – were booked into the Monterey County Jail in Salinas, a search of their clothes revealed a chilling discovery. They each carried bones in their pockets, soon classified as human fingers. Read the whole grotesque case in True Detective June – out now... more »
Murder Most FoulSabrina – A Real “Teenage Witch?”
Driving up to the three-bedroom detached Willoughby Hills home beside the Chagrin River in Ohio the officer could never have imagined the horror he would find within. But the police dispatcher had been certain of the urgency of the case.
Holding the phone, she had heard the terrified 13-year-old screaming, “Are you okay, mom?” She imagined the girl looking towards the bedroom. “Are you okay? Stop! Please! Oh my God! Please stop! My mom’s going to die!” the child cried.
The police officer recalled his approach to the house. “I pulled in the driveway and I saw a young female exit the front door and tell me that I better hurry up, that her sister was stabbing her mother to death.”
He would never forget the look on the young girl’s face, as he slipped out his gun and raced down the hall.
She emerged from the bedroom covered in blood from head to toe, holding a 10-inch serrated kitchen knife. The young police officer told her to drop it. She did so and he secured her with flexicuffs.
He went to the bedroom, entering a scene from a horror movie. “The female was lying motionless; there was a really small minor child in the closet that was crying,” he reported later. “There was nothing I could do – the female was deceased.” It was November 16th, 2012.
The female was Lisa Knoefel, who had two natural children of her own – a 13-year-old and a three-year-old. Her killer was her foster daughter Sabrina Zunich, 18…Read the full report in Murder Most Foul 96 – out now more »
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Master Detective
Master Detective
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True Detective
True Detective
June 2015
Murder Most Foul
Murder Most Foul
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