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    Who Killed Little Grégory?
    (True Crime June 2016)

    For his fourth birthday little Grégory Villemin was taken by his adoring parents to a studio photographer. The picture that emerged was of a joyously happy child with big innocent, lively eyes, a smile bursting from his lips, a smile as bright as a buckle. A few weeks later that photograph was on the front pages of every newspaper in France. Alongside it was another photo of Grégory – a picture of his corpse, hands and feet tied together, being lifted from a glacial river on a cold December night. For three decades those two pictures have haunted French crime watchers. For even to this day no one knows who so savagely murdered le p’tit… more »

  • 369 Knight MD July 500px

    Melbourne’s Horrific Hoddle Street Massacre
    (Master Detective June 2016)

    Julian Knight knew what he had to do. He rushed home and assembled his collection of guns – the lethal M14 semi-automatic carbine, a .22-calibre Ruger pistol that would take your insides away, and a pump-action Mossberg shotgun. Well-prepared for any form of action, he gathered all the ammo that he had. He extracted one round – his suicide bullet – stuffing it into a narrow pocket in his jeans. With a firearm in each hand and one strapped across his shoulders, he ran out of his mother’s home and turned west towards Hoddle Street. The ammunition belts jangled as he ran and he was conscious of the combat knife he had stuffed in the… more »

  • 367 tanya and michael 500px

    Couple Hunted Girl To Kidnap, Rape And Murder
    (True Detective June 2016)

    It was 5 a.m. on New Year’s Day, 2013, in Sarnia, Ontario, where 19-year-old Michael MacGregor had been living out his own fantasy with 31-year-old mother-of-three Tanya Bogdanovich. They had met online, exchanging desires. Tanya said she longed for someone to rape her repeatedly, and Michael wrote that Tanya brought out the true sadist in him. He loved degrading her, taking her to a point where she became really scared and was no longer play-acting. On December 31st, 2012, Noelle Paquette, a five-foot-one, 27-year-old Sarnia kindergarten teacher, went to a New Year’s Eve party. Around 2 a.m., Noelle said she would walk home, and she left. Several witnesses, out in the street celebrating the New… more »

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    Life For The Milkshake Murderess
    (Murder Most Foul No.100)

    “My husband is not well,” Nancy Kissel, 41, emailed a friend. “I need to take care of something. Sorry – I will be in touch soon.” But her husband Robert, a wealthy American banker, was not merely unwell, a Hong Kong court was told on June 8th, 2005. According to the prosecutors, on November 2nd, 2003, his wife spiked his strawberry milkshake with sedatives while he watched an American football match on TV. Then she used a lead statuette to bludgeon him to death, attacking him so violently that the ornament’s base was distorted. Each of the five blows to his head drove skull fragments deep enough into his brain to kill him. The next… more »

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