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  • Katherine Skinned And Cooked Her Lover
    (Master Detective May 2017)

    Katherine Knight was an expert with a knife. For her, its cutting edge was an extension to her hand, and she could wield it as effortlessly as a magician does a wand. From the age of 16, when she joined the Aberdeen abattoir, she worked her way up the hierarchy until, after years of training and experience, she became a skilled slaughterhouse woman on the meathouse floor, a realm of sudden death usually reserved for blood-soaked men, coarse of tongue and wedded to their razor-sharp blades. Her erstwhile partner John Price – “Pricey” to everyone in Aberdeen township, New South Wales – had gone to bed at 10 p.m., and had drifted into sandman country… more »

  • Butcher Sold Victims’ Flesh As Pork
    (Murder Most Foul No. 103)

    On the afternoon of September 9th, 1958, detectives Callejas and Lopez took Andres Santillan into custody at his boarding-house in Tepatepec. In a shack behind the dwelling, hidden under a piece of canvas, was his portable meat counter, a meat cleaver, saw and razor-sharp knife with a blade more than 10 inches long. Beneath the cart were two large burlap bags, still sticky with dried blood. Taken to police headquarters, Santillan firmly denied that he had slain 12-year-old Ceferino Hernandez or any of the other missing shepherd boys. And he was indignant at the accusation that he had butchered their bodies and sold the flesh. Then the detectives sent for little Juan Hernandez. Brought face… more »

  • Forensics Found Police Officer Dissolving In Acid
    (True Detective May 2017)

    Stefano Brizzi’s first thought was to get rid of the body. He dismembered it first, disposing of part of it in the River Thames, and trying to dissolve the rest in acid in his bath. He was still working on it when, five days after the murder, he visited a DIY shop near his flat and spent nearly £140 on equipment including a big plastic bucket, a perforated metal sheet and cleaning products. CCTV footage showed him in the shop, inspecting the bucket he intended to buy. At Brizzi’s subsequent Old Bailey trial for murder, Crispin Aylett QC, prosecuting, said: “Bearing in mind he planned to dissolve the body in acid, he was interested in… more »

  • Rillington Place – The True Horror
    (True Crime April 2017)

    Ethel Christie was last seen on December 12th, 1952, and her husband John Reginald Halliday Christie later said she had gone away. In the following month he sold most of their furniture, and in March 1953 he moved out and went to live in a hostel. On March 24th a tenant at 10 Rillington Place began cleaning up the Christies’ former ground-floor flat in preparation for new occupants. In the kitchen he knocked against a wall, heard a hollow sound, and saw that part of the wall was patched with a loose piece of paper. He tore it off, saw it had covered a cupboard, and when he shone a torch through a gap in… more »

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