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  • 354 Haigh TD Mar 500px

    John George Haigh: Crawley’s Acid Bath Murderer
    (True Detective March 2016)

    "It was quite simple once a technique had been evolved, though at first I made silly mistakes – such as when I put too much acid in a drum and the acid boiled over when the body was inserted. “You may think that a forty-gallon drum standing only about four feet high would be too small for such a body, but my experiments showed that as the drum tipped, the body slumped down to the shoulders and the legs disappeared below the surface of the drum. “Thin people were much more easily disposed of, for I found fat most difficult to dissolve. For this reason Mrs. Durand-Deacon was a confounded nuisance – far more trouble… more »

  • 353 hubers MMF99 500px

    Why Shayna Shot Ryan In The Face
    (Murder Most Foul No.99)

    “I shot him enough times to kill him, so that he wouldn’t suffer,” Shayna Hubers, 21, told police in her video interview. “He was laying there, twitching and making noises, and I shot him in the head.” She claimed she had called on her on-off boyfriend – Ohio lawyer Ryan Poston, 29 – in an effort to patch up their differences. “I was watching him die. It was painful to watch him die and to know that I had done that,” Shayna continued, saying Ryan had always been vain about his looks. “I shot him right here,” she said, pointing to her nose. “I gave him his nose job he wanted.” Police Chief Bill Birkenhauer… more »

  • 353 lowery TCFEB 500px

    Australia's "Leopold and Loeb" Murder
    (True Crime February 2016)

    "What would it be like,” the two young men asked each other, “to kill a chick?” It started as idle speculation between Christopher Lowery and Charles King, both 18, as they idled away the summer of 1970-71 in Hamilton, Victoria – the Wool Capital of the World – but the idle speculation soon gathered a momentum of its own. In essence, it was the same question that had been posed by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb in Chicago in 1924 when they killed poor innocent Bobby Franks, but there the similarity ended. Lowery and King were not wealthy, intelligent aesthetes with a distorted concept of the Übermensch, Nietzsche’s mythical “superman” to whom common morality would no… more »

  • 352 bella 500px

    Worcestershire's Body In The Tree Murder Mystery
    (Master Detective February 2016)

    Few slayings have prompted more colourful speculation than Worcestershire’s Wych Elm Murder. For what other case can have ranged so widely as to include Adolf Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess, a trapeze artist, a Dutch spy, a coven of witches, and a self-hypnotising British Railways clerk? The discovery that led to all this was made on April 18th, 1943, by four boys. They were bird-nesting in Hagley Wood, midway between Stourbridge and Birmingham, when in his search for eggs one of the lads climbed the five-foot stump of an ancient, hollow wych elm. Looking down into the tree’s cavity, he saw a skull grinning hideously up at him. Assuming it was the remains of an animal,… more »

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