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  • 374 Rogers OJ 500px

    Serial Killer Targeted Redheads – But Did He Kill O.J.’s Ex?
    (True Crime July 2016)

    Three months after his acquittal O.J. Simpson had claimed that his wife and Ron Goldman had been slain by "The Casanova Killer" – Glen Rogers – who provided details about the crime and suggested that he had been hired by O. J. Simpson to steal a pair of diamond earrings and, if necessary, to murder Nicole. There was no doubt that Rogers was a man who could have committed such a savage murder – he had already done so… The run-down motel in Tampa, Florida, was not the sort of place that pays too much attention to finesse or decorum. The maid servicing the ground-floor rooms that Tuesday morning in November 1995 ignored the “Do… more »

  • 373 FBI 2 500px

    Most Wanted - The Birth of the FBI
    (Master Detective July 2016)

    America was in turmoil. She had come triumphantly out of the First World War allied coalition into the Roaring Twenties. But on the home front a cancer of big-time crime was eating away at the moral fibre of the nation, turning politics, business and society putrid with decay. The signs were there for all to see. In league with crooked politicians, gun-totin’ gangsters were taking over the country by stealth and strong-arm tactics, while law-abiding Americans looked on helplessly. The gangsters’ names were already writ as large in the nation’s chronicles as their 19th century counterparts. For Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and the Sundance Kid you could now read Al Capone, Machine-Gun Kelly, John… more »

  • 371i Graf TD July 500px

    Evil Stepfather Abused Jessica’s Corpse
    (True Detective July 2016)

    Five days after Jessica Padgett disappeared her stepfather, Gregory Graf, 53, finally said, “I killed her.” He drew a diagram to help detectives find her body in his spreading acres. They found her wrapped in a bloodstained blanket under a pile of rubbish in Whitehall Township, Northampton, Ohio. District Attorney John Morganelli said: “She had been shot in the back of the head. But she had also been raped. Whether that was done before or after she died can’t be confirmed yet.” Graf was an enthusiastic hunter and had access to a number of firearms. He had several convictions for theft and had served a prison sentence for conspiracy to supply drugs. Detectives said that… more »

  • 366 nancy MMF100 i 500px

    Life For The Milkshake Murderess
    (Murder Most Foul No.100)

    “My husband is not well,” Nancy Kissel, 41, emailed a friend. “I need to take care of something. Sorry – I will be in touch soon.” But her husband Robert, a wealthy American banker, was not merely unwell, a Hong Kong court was told on June 8th, 2005. According to the prosecutors, on November 2nd, 2003, his wife spiked his strawberry milkshake with sedatives while he watched an American football match on TV. Then she used a lead statuette to bludgeon him to death, attacking him so violently that the ornament’s base was distorted. Each of the five blows to his head drove skull fragments deep enough into his brain to kill him. The next… more »

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