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    After 34 Years...DNA Nabs Lucy's Killer
    (Master Detective February 2017)

    Yiannoulla “Lucy” Yianni, 17, put a copy of Patrice Rushen’s summer hit record “Forget Me Nots” on the stereo, the gentle, upbeat rhythms of the American soul singer filling the void of her Hampstead home in London. She pulled a leg of lamb from the fridge and, as her favourite song played, she began preparations for the family dinner. It was around 2 p.m. on Friday, August 13th, 1982. There was a knock at the front door and Lucy paused the dinner preparations, placed the lamb on the kitchen counter and went to answer. James Warnock, 22, stood there. Short and slim, he had buffed and blow-dried his hair in the style of John Travolta,… more »

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    “I Was Abducted By Fred And Rose”
    (True Detective February 2017)

    Caroline Roberts died in August 2016, aged 61. You may not recognise her name, but nobody will fail to recall the names of the evil couple who kidnapped her and changed her life forever. Fred and Rose West. Caroline was 16 when she was picked up, hitch-hiking, by a married couple just outside Gloucester. At the time she showed a bubbly, feisty face to the outside world but, like many teenagers, she felt lost. She missed her absent father and lived in a crowded house with 11 siblings. She felt sure that her life had been jinxed and that she would meet a violent, early death at the hands of a madman. Yet Caroline had… more »

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    ...A Ticket To The Gallows
    (True Crime January 2017)

    Sir Bernard Spilsbury had established his reputation even before the 1924 Eastbourne investigation which was to reach new heights in forensic medicine. Sir Bernard would later describe it as “my greatest case.” It was great because his task was to piece together a fantastically complicated jigsaw puzzle of more than a thousand pieces. Spilsbury examined every room in the bungalow. In one of the bedrooms was a tenon saw. On the floor were articles of women’s clothing and a teacloth, all bloodstained. In the dining-room fireplace were ashes, and these Spilsbury gathered up and placed in a container. It was in that dining-room that he found what in his own words were “the most gruesome… more »

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    60-Year Sentence For Black Widow Susan
    (Murder Most Foul No. 102)

    Before Susan left that day she took the gun and put it in the glove compartment of her car. Then she cooked her children their dinner and put them to bed. She left for her sister’s at about nine. James had been working late in the office. When he came home Susan was just leaving. They waved to each other and James went inside, checked on the kids, fixed himself dinner, watched a TV programme and then went to bed. At around one the next morning Susan drove back to her home and let herself in. She left the car round the block in a side alley. Quietly, she walked up the stairs to the… more »

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