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British Grammar School Boy Accused Of 25 Murders

With the bunker door open, the officers entered a room. It was stocked with survival-type food; water, candles and a number of weapons with boxes of ammunition, including an AR-15 .223-calibre rifle that had been altered to make it into an automatic. A trap-door led to a room below the main floor of the building.

Bloodbath In Dorset Street

The murder of his fifth and probably his last victim saw Jack the Ripper exceed his previous parameters of bestiality. What he left of Mary Jane Kelly was found by the police naked in the middle of a bed in a Whitechapel doss-house, and it was an appalling sight. Mary Jane, a sex-worker, had probably

The Stepmother From Hell

Eleven-year-old Gannon Stauch was reported missing from his home in El Paso, Colorado, by his stepmother Letecia Stauch on January 27th, 2020. For weeks, nothing was heard about the young boy, even though a whole ream of law organisations, not to mention hundreds of local volunteers, were turning the country upside-down to find him. In

The Whitechapel Murders: “There’s A Dead Woman Lying In The Yard”

The discovery of the body was made by Louis Diemschutz as he turned his pony and cart into a dark corner off Berner Street at 1 a.m. Diemschutz lived and worked at the International Working Men’s Club in Berner Street, where he was employed as the steward. A doctor quickly called to the scene theorised

The Mad Professor Who Liked To Blow People Up

He was the domestic US terrorist with a manifesto who eluded justice for years. Unabomber Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski justified his deadly campaign in the name of preserving humanity and nature from the onslaught of technology and exploitation. The FBI spent years trying and failing to capture him. And when they did so, it was only

Jade’s Revenge

Jade Janks had a good relationship with her frail stepdad Thomas Merriman – or so it seemed. But a shocking discovery she made on his home computer made her think again and question the time they had spent together over the years... Jade texted friend Mike Liebhand: “I still struggle with moral issues. Yet I

Hampshire Boyfriend Butchered By Serial Killer Groupie

Shaye Groves was obsessed with serial killers, and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Frankie Fitzgerald, loved it – right up until the moment she decided to try it for herself... According to Shaye, in the heat of the moment, in fear for her life she tried to grab something to hit Frankie with, to stop him attacking

The Whitechapel Murders: “The Woman Had Been Barbarously Murdered”

Come back with us to a gaslit era before anyone had heard of Jack the Ripper – and experience the horrified fascination the police must have felt as a series of apparently unrelated atrocities coalesced into the work of history’s most infamous serial killer... In this series, you’ll read full case reports on ALL the

Why Jemma Beheaded Her Friend

It was a routine call for AA man Lee Gardin. It was late June, 2021, and he’d had a typically busy day helping tourists driving to and from their holidays in Devon. Now he was helping a stranded woman motorist change a tyre. “There was an odd smell from the vehicle,” said Gardin. “It was

What Turned Heather Into A Child-Killer?

Heather Knecht Reynolds was living the American dream. An accomplished academic, the blonde 41-year-old had a successful husband in a well-paid job in IT and three lovely boys... Was this the same Heather Reynolds who went on trial for the murder of her 17-month-old son Axel in July 2022? In front of a court with

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