Master Detective

Larissa The Acid Bath Killer

Larissa Schuster probably wasn’t the first woman ever to have complained about their soon-to-be ex-husband to a hairdresser. But, unlike most in that situation, when she said that she would actually kill Tim if she could get away with it she really meant it... So what really did happen to Tim Schuster that terrible morning

Black Widow – Which Of Her Four Lovers Did She Con Into Killing?

Maje, 24, called to her husband: “Honey, would you mind putting my car in the garage? I left it outside when I came home.” She tossed him the keys and went into the kitchen. Antonio Cerdan, 36, walked out to the forecourt of their home in south-west Valencia, Spain. It was August 16th, 2017, a

Christmas Eve Puzzler – Why Kill Kitty On Blackpool Beach?

It had just started to rain as Kitty Breaks stepped on to the sands. But the dark angry sky warned that this was only a prelude to the wildness to come. Already there was the sound of distant thunder. She lifted the collar of her coat, shaking her head as though reprimanding God. But she

Father And Daughter Killing Team

Frank Spencer was a popular businessman with an unusual belief. He was convinced that he was going to die, and soon. What’s more, he was equally convinced about who would kill him, and he rarely missed a chance to tell anyone willing to listen. On Sunday, July 1st, 2012, a typical sunny summer’s day in

Bloodbath In A Garden Hot Tub

When they saw Shaun Alexander, armed with a knife and a crowbar, standing behind the jacuzzi, the male guest rose from his seat and asked what was going on. Alexander struck the man on the face with the crowbar and he fell back into the water. The victim’s partner dragged him out and into the

He Packed His Dead Family In A Trunk

Arthur Devereux knew a lot about chemistry – dispensing medicines was his job. He knew less, however, about the chemistry of love, and when he applied his pharmaceutical knowledge to his marriage, the result was disastrous… His wife Beatrice soon began to discover for herself the hardship of wedlock on a shoe-string, as Arthur’s confidence

Killer Mom Chopped Up Her Son

The last time anyone saw Ramsay was on the afternoon of January 24th, 2014. Although they didn’t comment on it or complain at the time, his immediate neighbours heard the erratic sound of an electric saw, and a smell from a mixture of bleach, chemicals and burning seemed to be seeping from his apartment.  Two days

Sex-Change Cop In Bizarre Murder Triangle

In 2010 they decided to turn theory into reality and poisoned Debbie Higbee Benton’s nighttime cocoa with Fentanyl. But the murder attempt was farcical and ill-researched as Debbie merely vomited and recovered. A few months later Lynne Benton followed this up by sedating his wife and injecting her with insulin. Again, she recovered. In April 2011

Twice As Evil As Anyone Thought

By 2008, Karl Karlsen’s 23-year-old son Levi had separated from his wife and was father to two little daughters. One morning in November, Karlsen asked him to come over and repair some cables on his pick-up. Levi arrived to find the truck in the garage. It was raised up on a single jack, resting on

The Axeman Of New Orleans

Joe Maggio, an Italian grocer, was sound asleep in his bed alongside his wife, Catherine, at their home on the corner of Upperline and Magnolia Streets, close to where the Ochsner Baptist Hospital now stands. The stealthy killer had entered by removing a panel with a chisel from the back door. He sliced his victims’

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