Now How Many Victims For The World’s Most Evil Couple?

Mary Bastholm was last seen alive in January 1968. Aged 15, she may have been the first of many unfortunate souls to fall prey to serial killer Fred West. For decades her disappearance has been tacitly assumed to be the work of West, but with no real evidence that seemed to be the end of

Alice’s Head Was All But Severed

Mrs. Skinner was worried. The young couple who lived next door weren’t answering. She’d been trying to make sure they were up, because they were supposed be leaving for Worcester on the 10.40 a.m. train. More to the point, the two were due to be evicted today, so they had no choice about leaving the

Tinder Girl Dismembered By Sex Master And Slave

Like millions of women around the world, Sydney Loofe turned to internet dating. Tinder, to be exact. She chose Tinder for the same reason many young women do – because of the lack of chances of meeting potential partners in Lincoln, the small Nebraska town she lived in. And in 2017, she was delighted to

38 Years In Prison – For A Crime He Didn’t Commit

The fire crews did everything they could to save the two-storey apartment house on Maple Street in downtown Jackson, Michigan, on July 12th, 1982. But, at more than 100 years old, it hadn’t been built to modern fire safety standards. So it wasn’t long before the flames left it a smouldering wreck. Unfortunately, it wasn’t

Larissa The Acid Bath Killer

Larissa Schuster probably wasn’t the first woman ever to have complained about their soon-to-be ex-husband to a hairdresser. But, unlike most in that situation, when she said that she would actually kill Tim if she could get away with it she really meant it... So what really did happen to Tim Schuster that terrible morning

Black Widow – Which Of Her Four Lovers Did She Con Into Killing?

Maje, 24, called to her husband: “Honey, would you mind putting my car in the garage? I left it outside when I came home.” She tossed him the keys and went into the kitchen. Antonio Cerdan, 36, walked out to the forecourt of their home in south-west Valencia, Spain. It was August 16th, 2017, a

Christmas Eve Puzzler – Why Kill Kitty On Blackpool Beach?

It had just started to rain as Kitty Breaks stepped on to the sands. But the dark angry sky warned that this was only a prelude to the wildness to come. Already there was the sound of distant thunder. She lifted the collar of her coat, shaking her head as though reprimanding God. But she

Father And Daughter Killing Team

Frank Spencer was a popular businessman with an unusual belief. He was convinced that he was going to die, and soon. What’s more, he was equally convinced about who would kill him, and he rarely missed a chance to tell anyone willing to listen. On Sunday, July 1st, 2012, a typical sunny summer’s day in

Bloodbath In A Garden Hot Tub

When they saw Shaun Alexander, armed with a knife and a crowbar, standing behind the jacuzzi, the male guest rose from his seat and asked what was going on. Alexander struck the man on the face with the crowbar and he fell back into the water. The victim’s partner dragged him out and into the

He Packed His Dead Family In A Trunk

Arthur Devereux knew a lot about chemistry – dispensing medicines was his job. He knew less, however, about the chemistry of love, and when he applied his pharmaceutical knowledge to his marriage, the result was disastrous… His wife Beatrice soon began to discover for herself the hardship of wedlock on a shoe-string, as Arthur’s confidence

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