Master Detective

Angel Of Death

Eddie Redmayne has entertained film-goers in many guises over the course of his stellar acting career. He won an Oscar for his portrayal of physicist Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything and delighted millions with his charming performances as Newt Scamander in the Fantastic Beasts series. He’s been transgender pioneer Lili Elbe in

40 Years To Catch Worcester’s Wife-Killing Pig Farmer

After Brenda Venables vanished in 1982, her husband claimed to be mystified. In fact, he knew the grim truth – and how the answer to her sudden disappearance lay close to home... Justice Tipples told David Venables: “You killed your wife to avoid the complications of divorce proceedings so there were elements of greed and

The Killer Who Couldn’t Keep Quiet About What He’d Done

“I, Donald Hume, do hereby confess to the Sunday Pictorial that on the night of October 4th, 1949, I murdered Stanley Setty in my flat in Finchley-road, London. I stabbed him to death while we were fighting.” In its pages he admitted that, after an argument at his flat, he had murdered Setty with a

“He’s A Good Boy At Heart”

In a narrow hallway upstairs he found the body of a woman... The first policemen on the scene thought she’d been decapitated, but her head hadn’t been cut off so much as beaten to pieces. Blood and gore dripped from the walls and ceiling, spilling through the bedroom doors on either side. One of the

Nora’s Revenge Cost Her Dear

Nora Parham was furious. She had every right to be, too. Her live-in lover, a policeman named Ketchell Trapp, had just beaten her up with a stick, not for the first time that week. Now he was coming back at her, stick raised again, a mouth full of threats. “I had a petrol iron in

Escape To The Death House

A maze of headlights outlined the Weatherup driveway. Springfield police were there, waiting for orders. Their chief, Sherman Martin, was already conferring with Corporal Potter. Nesky and Cioffi were sent up the driveway of an estate directly behind the Weatherup home. Mrs. Weatherup, a 54-year-old former schoolteacher, had been taken to the hospital along with

Arsenic Was Alabama Nurse’s “Medicine”

“God has forgiven me for all I have done. I have forgiven everybody – and I hope everybody has forgiven me.” As the guards made a final check of the straps and electrodes she spoke once more. This time, her voice was loud enough for everyone present to hear her words: “I think these straps

How Ruth Became The Last To Hang

She hated loving David Blakely, and loved hating him. Theirs was a magnetic attraction that was fated to end in catastrophe The jury retired to deliberate. Few observers expected it would take them long to reach a verdict, but none expected it in the short time of 14 minutes, and the jury made no recommendation


Michelle Lodzinski was a young, single mom whose little boy Timmy was abducted from a carnival and murdered in 1991. Trouble was, Michelle’s story didn’t seem to add up... Hundreds of people attended five-year-old Timmy’s funeral, and Michelle appeared so grief-stricken at times during the service that her parents had to hold her up. But

Kate – “The Maid Who Sold Human Dripping”

As the hours passed, the odour of the steam rising from the copper became fetid and the horrible liquid in it changed colour several times, each darker than the time before. At last, Kate Webster was satisfied that the boiling water had done all she could reasonably expect of it. She let the fire die

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