Shaye Groves was obsessed with serial killers, and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Frankie Fitzgerald, loved it – right up until the moment she decided to try it for herself…

According to Shaye, in the heat of the moment, in fear for her life she tried to grab something to hit Frankie with, to stop him attacking her.

“I reached out to grab an object on the bookcase and I hit him in the throat,” she continued. “I have a money box there and I thought that if I hit him with that it would get him off. He rolled off and he stood up and slid down the wall really slowly.”

Then Shaye described what happened next.

“There was bubbling coming out of his neck when he stopped moving. I was in shock. His chest wasn’t moving. It was just the noise. When that happened I realised that I had killed him. I tried to stop the bubbling.

“I put my hand there but that didn’t do anything so I stabbed him in the heart…”