When we hear that someone died in their sleep at home, we usually expect to see the word “peacefully” somewhere. But there was nothing peaceful about the way Dr. Christopher Osborn died – he was shot three times in the face…

Holli Osborn’s elderly father rubbed his eyes as he struggled to wake up. Why on earth was his daughter calling him at this ungodly hour?

He answered as patiently as he could, and tried his best to understand what she was saying. But it wasn’t easy. Holli had serious troubles with alcohol and she was clearly under the influence.

Her speech was slurred, there were long silences filled with heavy breathing, and she was often incoherent. Eventually, though, he managed to get it out of her – she was calling him to say that she had suffered a blackout, and when she’d awoken, her husband, Dr. Christopher Osborn, was dead.

Holli’s father struggled to get much more of worth from her, as she lapsed back into rambling nonsense. So he told her to go back to bed, to calm down and get some sleep.

Then he called the police to go round and check on his daughter. They confirmed that yes, Dr. Christopher Osborn was, in fact, dead.

He’d been shot, three times, in the face. And the principal suspect was Holli…