Master Detective June 2023

Master Detective June 2023


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Some of the most bizarre murder stories ever feature in this month’s edition. From Britain we have “Hampshire Boyfriend Killed By Serial Killer Groupie” – a report on the deadly work of death-obsessed Shaye Groves. And then there’s “Scotland’s Classic Cases – Scotland’s Astonishing Father And Son Killings”, which takes us back to 1962 and the first of 10 loosely linked murders spanning a long time frame and generations of killers. Don’t miss it.

Further afield, in western France, the shocking murder of charismatic patient Jessica Allin at a psychiatric hospital left investigators with a difficult task: which of the other 26 patients was her killer? See this month’s European Crime Report”.

Expats Ivy Sutcliffe and her new husband Michael Bamford looked the picture of happiness on their wedding day in 2004. But this was never going to be a marriage that lasted. Read “Almost Perfect…” for the full story.

Highlights of this issue include:

* Hampshire Boyfriend Butchered By Serial Killer Groupie
* European Crime Report: “‘Whose Body Is That In Your Suitcase?” “Twenty-Six Suspects In Jessica’s Murder,” “UFO Spotted In Albania”
* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Scotland’s Astonishing Father And Son Killings
* The Whitechapel Murders: Was Martha’s Slayer A Soldier?
* The Killer Who Couldn’t Keep His Mouth Shut
* International Casebook Of Women Executed For Their Crimes: “I Die For The Cause, Banzai!”
* The Boy Beneath The Boxing Ring
* Kristine’s Deadly Secret
* Almost Perfect…
* MD Forum: “Heads It’s Murder – Tails It’s Manslaughter

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