The murder of his fifth and probably his last victim saw Jack the Ripper exceed his previous parameters of bestiality. What he left of Mary Jane Kelly was found by the police naked in the middle of a bed in a Whitechapel doss-house, and it was an appalling sight.

Mary Jane, a sex-worker, had probably died quickly. She had been picked up by the Ripper in a dark Whitechapel street. She undressed and placed her neatly folded clothes beside the bed.

While she lay on the bed facing the Ripper, he severed her right carotid artery with a long-bladed knife, which would have caused almost immediate death.

He then cut off her nose and ears and then stripped her flesh down to the skeleton. Flesh and soft organs were laid out carefully on a bedside table in a way that suggested that he must have been alone in the room with Mary Jane for some time…