With the bunker door open, the officers entered a room. It was stocked with survival-type food; water, candles and a number of weapons with boxes of ammunition, including an AR-15 .223-calibre rifle that had been altered to make it into an automatic.

A trap-door led to a room below the main floor of the building. As a deputy entered it he exclaimed: “Holy Moses!”

One of the walls was lined with enlarged photos of young women posing naked or in various articles of flimsy lingerie. The photos hadn’t come from girlie magazines, and each portrayed a different young woman.

On another wall a placard read: “Women are like books. You put them on the shelf and take them down when you need them.And you train them to do what you want.”

There was also a bed in the room and a deputy noted what appeared to be bloodstains on the ceiling above it. “I wonder how many of them got out of here alive?” he mused.

There was a filing-cabinet filled with video cassettes. “Let’s take a look at a couple of them,” said one of the investigators.

The first cassette showed a young woman bound to a chair. A man fitting the description of Charles Ng stood alongside her, a knife in his hand.

A voice on the cassette – believed to be Leonard Lake’s – said: “You will wash for us. You will cook for us. You will have sex with us. And if we are not satisfied, we will most definitely kill you…”