The discovery of the body was made by Louis Diemschutz as he turned his pony and cart into a dark corner off Berner Street at 1 a.m. Diemschutz lived and worked at the International Working Men’s Club in Berner Street, where he was employed as the steward.

A doctor quickly called to the scene theorised that the killer had seized “Long Liz” Stride by the shoulders, forced her down on to the ground and cut her throat, the cut being from left to right. The knife used to cut her throat was most likely sharp and rounded.

The body was still warm and the fact that she had only her throat cut would suggest to the police subsequently that Diemschutz had interrupted the Ripper as he was about to mutilate her, as he habitually mutilated his victims.

Had he scampered away, or was he still hiding in some corner of the yard?