Master Detective September 2023


Police were mystified when Maria Wolmarans was found shot dead in her own home in Botswana, southern Africa. If the killer had been a robber, then surely they would have taken something? And Maria’s husband Tienie had a solid alibi for the time of the killing… Read “Why They Hanged Mariette” in this issue for the full story.

When the partially clothed body of new mother Florence Weatherall was found in a ditch in Bestwood, Nottinghamshire, it raised a heap of questions. Had she been murdered, or were her fatal injuries the result of an accident involving a secret lover? Don’t miss “The Strange Death Of Florence Weatherall”.

Finally, we have an intriguing case from Florida in which an accused wife blamed her son for her husband’s murder. See “Death In The Shower – But Who Killed Mr. Meanie?”

Highlights this issue include:

* Strangled At Home…Buried In Her Own Garden
* European Crime Report: “‘Sex-Cult Leader Jailed For 8,656 Years,” “Serial Killer Claimed: ‘I Never Killed Anyone,’” “When Brothers Fall Out”
* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Would My Young Client Be Hanged?
* The Whitechapel Murders: “There’s A Dead Woman Lying In The Yard”
* International Casebook Of Women Executed For Their Crimes: Why They Hanged Mariette
* Shrewsbury’s Massage Parlour Murder
* Two Women Murdered On Johnny’s Night Out
* Electric Chair For The Killer With A Squeaky Voice
* MD Forum: The Body In The Freezer
* The Strange Death Of Florence Weatherall
* Death In The Shower – But Who Murdered Mr. Meanie?

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