It was difficult to find anyone who would shed a tear for the missing Leon Prieur; he was a hard-drinking brute whose job was on the line due to his love of alcohol. He had once been stopped from jumping off a bridge in a bid to end his miserable life, but now he was actually missing, and police had to find him…dead or alive.

“We’ve heard of everything except the whereabouts of Prieur’s body,” Chief Inspector René Godeau said. “Where is it?”

Without a word Marie-Louise Prieur walked over to the old wardrobe and unlocked it. Inside squatted a thing out of a nightmare. It was the bloody torso of a man.

From the wardrobe Marie-Louise crossed over to the children’s room.

High in a corner cupboard was the macabre-looking head. A garret recess gave up the legs. On top of the kitchen cupboard was a left hand. The arms were under the sink…