“My wife is shot.” Calls to 911 don’t tend to be dull, and this one was about as dramatic as it could get.

The caller was 37-year-old Jason Crawford. It was May 2nd, 2017, and he wanted help at his home in Cullman, Alabama. “My wife is shot, please send police straight away,” he said.

When the nearest units arrived, they found 32-year-old Tiffiney Crawford slumped over the steering wheel of the family SUV. She was holding a gun in her left hand. Jason told them that she kept the gun in the driver’s-side door for protection, and when one of the officers leaned in to check her pulse, the small pink gun fell out of her hand.

A detective asked Jason what had happened, and he told them that the pair had been arguing. He’d told her to leave, that he wouldn’t let her back in the house, and he’d gathered some clothes in a bag. But when he went to give them to her, he heard a shot and a scream.

He rushed out to the car just in time to hear another shot. “The last thing I remember was her saying she loved me,” he said. “I was going in the house, and I heard a shot, a scream and then another shot.

But when paramedics arrived, they found two gunshot wounds in Tiffiney’s head – one to the left side of her jaw, and one to her left temple. So she’d shot herself in the head…twice. Really?