It was a routine call for AA man Lee Gardin. It was late June, 2021, and he’d had a typically busy day helping tourists driving to and from their holidays in Devon. Now he was helping a stranded woman motorist change a tyre.

“There was an odd smell from the vehicle,” said Gardin. “It was a musty smell, as if someone is staying overnight, living in the vehicle, with all the windows up with no ventilation or airflow. It was not something I have smelled before.”

The driver, 38-year-old Jemma Mitchell, thanked Gardin for changing the tyre, and drove on to the popular tourist resort of Salcombe, Devon.

When she got there, she took out the blue suitcase that was the source of the smell that had so confused the AA man.

Then over the next few days, she went round the lush woods surrounding the resort and quietly disposed of its contents – the dismembered remains of her friend, Deborah Chong…