Serial Killer Used His Garden As A Crematorium

Thirteen-year-old Erich Baumeister’s garden was like paradise for the other kids in the neighbourhood. There were 18 acres of grass and rough woodland, open space and dense bushes, and since none of it was very well cared for, there was no fear of offending Mr. and Mrs. Baumeister. You couldn’t offend the Baumeisters by tramping

Rapist Preferred His Victims Dead

It began in 1971, when Carroll Edward Cole picked up 39-year-old Esther Buck in a San Diego bar, strangled her in his car and dumped her body beside a rural road. Describing a murder in Oklahoma City, he told how he had woken up to find the naked, strangled body of his woman companion of

How Darlene Bungled Husband’s Murder

At about five o’clock on the morning of November 9th, Darlene unlocked the gun cabinet in their living-room, and carried all the weapons out onto the front lawn where she laid them neatly in a row. She kept behind the .22 pistol Keith’s father had given him on his 21st birthday, and crept back upstairs

Sex Crimes Of The Ken And Barbie Killers

The first time Paul Bernardo saw Karla Homolka was in the lobby of the Howard Johnson hotel in Scarborough – a classic first meeting between a sadist and a masochist. She was staying overnight in the hotel, attending a convention about pets, and within a few hours of their meeting she had taken him to

The Sickest Torture Slayer Ever?

Cynthia Vigil ran naked and blood-spattered down the road, her long brown hair matted with dirt, semen and human faeces. “Help me, please help me!” she cried hysterically, as she approached the entrance of a mobile home in Elephant Butte, New Mexico. To her great relief the door was open. She bounded over and rushed inside, slamming

Paroled – To Kill And Cut Up Two More women

Fishing should have been better than it was on that early spring afternoon of April 19th, 1975, in Salem, Oregon. The fisherman decided to try one more spot in the slough near the Brown’s Island Sanitary Landfill south-east of the state capital. He moved to a stony bank beneath a wooden bridge and prepared to

Meet Simone – The She-Devil Of Slaughterhouse Lane

It began for the police as a routine “missing person” report. The two daughters and the two sisters of Bernard Hettier went to the local gendarmerie in Nancy, eastern France, to report his disappearance. A bored gendarme took down the details. Hettier had last been seen alive leaving a post office in the suburbs of

Maniac Wanted To Be Freddy Krueger For A Day

Unemployed, bored and frustrated, Daniel Gonzalez, 24, sought excitement through excessive drinking and taking drugs including Ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamine. After attending a rave party in Hackney, east London, the weekend before the killings, the court was told, Gonzalez took a variety of drugs and ran naked through the street on his return home. On

He Set out To Slay 64 – But “Only” Made It To 48…

Supermarket shelf-filler Alexander Pichushkin had one ambition in life – he wanted to be the world’s most successful serial killer. He was determined to pass the total number of murders committed by his Russian compatriot Andrei Chikatilo – known as the Rostov Ripper. Chikatilo’s “score” was 53. Pichushkin claimed he killed 63 before being caught.

Betty Wanted To Be A Gun Moll

The boy-meets-girl story that would end in horror began when a Swedish-born American GI deserted and met an unemployed striptease dancer in wartime London. He was Karl Gustav Hulten, 22, who boasted, untruthfully, of having once been a bodyguard to Al Capone. She was Betty Jones, 18, going under her stage-name of Georgina Grayson. She

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