True Detective

“Scotland’s Greatest Murder Mystery” – Solved At Last

Mother-of-two Renee MacRae thought she was about to begin a new life with her secret married lover in 1976. At around 10 p.m. on November 12th, Renee’s blue BMW was found ablaze but she and her three-year-old son Andrew had vanished. Bloodstains on a rug in the boot were said to be a match for

Monster Of Murder Takes His Secrets To The Grave

The death of Peter Tobin, one of Britain’s most notorious killers, made headlines – and it’s easy to see why. Depraved and cold-blooded, the twisted Scottish serial sex-killer had a criminal record that speaks for itself. Convicted of three horrific murders – those of Vicky Hamilton, Angelika Kluk and Dinah McNicol – but suspected of

Strathclyde Cop Slain By Family Of Killers

Doing his duty came naturally to veteran officer Ross Hunt. He’d served his community with distinction for 29 years, but his desire to continue in his detective sergeant role for an extra year would prove a fatal mistake... Suddenly, young Hugh Murray broke away and sprinted into the kitchen of the house. Seconds later, he

Killer’s Life In The House Of Rotting Corpses

Anthony Todt, 46, was a sports massage therapist who ran a couple of clinics back in his hometown of Colchester, Connecticut. He was married to his childhood sweetheart, stay-at-home mom Megan, 42, and they were parents of three children: Alec, 13, Tyler, 11, and Zoe, four. Their Labrador Breezy was of course an integral part

54 Victims On His List – His Wife was Just the First

Clad only in nightclothes, Gail lay across the bed. Blood seeped from a hole in her forehead and dripped down onto her negligee. More blood had spattered onto the sheets and bedside table, where Gail’s reading glasses lay beside an open book. Momentarily stunned, the two officers stood motionless over the victim. Then one of


"When I leave school, I should like to be chief executioner,” Albert Pierrepoint wrote in an essay when he was 11. He was both the son and nephew of chief executioners, and he achieved his ambition in 1941, nearly 10 years into his career as a hangman. “A condemned prisoner is entrusted to me,” he

From “Boy Next Door” Killer To Hollywood Ripper

Hollywood. It’s the Los Angeles neighbourhood synonymous with the film industry, stardom and glamour. It’s also where serial killer Michael Gargiulo gained his notoriety. In 2021, years after the murders of Hollywood-based fashion student Ashley Ellerin and Maria Bruno, and the attempted murder of Michelle Murphy, 46-year-old Gargiulo was sentenced to death. What turned this

Will We Soon Know The Truth About Muriel’s Murder?

The brothers had wanted to kidnap the glamorous wife of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch – hoping to hold her for a £1m ransom. Instead, they snatched the wife of a fellow-Australian newspaper executive, hoping for a lucrative pay-off. It was an ordeal she would not survive... “Local rumour was, in two other cases, that the

Massacred For Money

The trial of the three men began in November 2004. It is believed to have been one of the longest murder trials in criminal history and cost £10 million. Richard Horwell, prosecuting, told the Old Bailey jury: “Some crimes are beyond belief and on any view these horrific murders fall into that category. Three generations

So Evil His Fellow-Killers Called Him “Murderholic”

The notice at the entrance to the national park could not have been more explicit. “Warning for hikers,” it read. “Because of the tragic discovery of four bodies in the park in November, please do not hike alone. Women should be especially cautious – and under no circumstances travel alone.” Television news bulletins had already

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