It was a little before 4.30 on the afternoon of Saturday, July 21st, 1990. The sun shone down out of a clear blue sky. It was stiflingly hot, but it wasn’t just the weather that was making the man sweat. Responsibility for that lay elsewhere.

As the motor purred quietly, the man turned and looked at the two women in the car. One sat next to him and the other was in the back seat. He did not speak to them. There would have been little point in that. The women wouldn’t have responded to anything he might have said.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t hear him or were antisocial. The reason for their silence was more basic. It was quite simply because they were dead.

The man smiled and turned to face the road ahead. He put the car in gear and pulled away from the kerb. The car left Grenville Road and pulled into Hornsey Road. A little later the car turned into Spears Road. The buildings that lined it were offices and factories, some of which were deserted and abandoned.

It was outside one of these that the car was parked. The man took one last look at the women before switching off the engine and getting out of the car.

Pausing only to lock the car door, he turned and walked back in the direction of Holloway Road. Two minutes later, he was gone. Spears Road was empty, save for one parked car occupied by the corpses of two women…